Casting Call for Adventurous American Families

Major TV Network Is Looking for Off-Gridders

English poet John Donne said it  almost four centuries ago: “No man is an island”. That is basically true. Human beings have evolved to live in company. We usually spend our lives in large social groups. Our entire civilization is a testament to that. Yet sometimes when our crowded, noisy and stressful way of life becomes a burden who wouldn’t want a change of lifestyle?

Off grid living has become an attractive alternative for more and more people. For some it is even a dream come true. According to some estimates in the United States there are approximately 750,000 people living disconnected from the system.

On the other hand this is a big move and it is not as easy as turning off the lights and pulling up stakes. To become a veritable Robinson Family and do away with all the creature comforts we take for granted, from Wi-Fi to  processed foods, from malls to laundromats, requires a high level of commitment.

How Deep Are You Going To Go?

For starters, living off the land and producing your own food and energy are extremely demanding activities. Skills like hunting, fishing raising livestock, planting and taking care of crops are a must. First Aid and homeschooling too.

Are you up to the challenge?

The Costa Rica News in collaboration with a major TV network is looking for American families who have recently purchased land in order to move off grid. Families who are diverse, traditional and tigh-knit and that have the skills and the commitment to make it work.

We want to know it all. We want to see it happen. Take us with you!

If you feel this is your opportunity, Email at: [email protected]

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