Cabécares Families Will Donate Two Tons of Their Crops to the National Women’s Soccer Teams

Some 700 bags with plantains, beans, cassava, bananas, lemons, and avocados, among other farm products, will be donated to the players of the national women’s soccer teams as support during this COVID-19 Pandemic. The products will come from local production in the indigenous Cabécares territory. This initiative arose thanks to the Association for the Integral Development of the Talamanca Cabécar Indigenous Territory (ADITICA).

“We as indigenous peoples think about our experience within the indigenous territory, we carry out the so-called barter, where we exchange crops within the families of the territory. Here we have a women’s association and we want to share our production within the territory with other families,” said Edith Villanueva Reyes, secretary of the ADITICA Board of Directors.

“In indigenous territories, the production of cassava, beans, and other products is very common, so the idea is to collect part of the production in the different communities to support other Costa Ricans during the Pandemic“, she added.

“They told me that it would be nice to collaborate, one night I listened to a program where a Dimas Escazú player spoke of the difficulties they are living through, and I reminded myself of my daughter who plays with Dimas and thought about those women who left their families and it has been difficult for them to adapt”, she added.

In the first instance, they will deliver to the teams that are in the Greater Metropolitan Area, although with more help, they could reach the teams of other regions. They are currently organizing the transfer of the first food deliveries. (In the Women’s First Division there are eight teams). ADITICA has a truck and they will send 300 bags with about seven kilos of food each, that is, about two tons of products obtained from indigenous lands. The delivery is planned to be carried out between August 15 and 20, commemorating Mother’s Day, as a positive gesture. “We have to coordinate with the teams, looking for a way to reach all of them,” added Villanueva. 

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