Businessmen Announce Demonstrations and Caravans for this Week

Under the slogan “We want to work”, the Wake-Up Costa Rica Movement, together with the National Federation of Commerce and Business Associations of Costa Rica (FedeCámaras), announced that they will hold motorcades and peaceful demonstrations on foot, including outside the Presidential Palace, this week.

Citizens and businessmen will demand solutions from the Government in the face of closings in shops, the restrictions on vehicle circulations and the lack of economic reactivation measures by President Carlos Alvarado. The organizers assure that they will respect social distancing and health protocols.

The Movement Wake-up Costa Rica and FedeCamaras, indicated in a press release that they will make two requests to the Government. The first is about the responsible opening of commerce and companies, without further closings, complying with all the protocols indicated by the Ministry of Health.

The second is about the change in the vehicle circulation restrictions from 10 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., since they consider that the measure affects citizens, because it encourages greater contagions by exposing more people to use buses, saturating service and bus stops due to the short time in which transportation is allowed.

FedeCámaras is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that groups 25 chambers representing more than 6,000 affiliated companies from different economic sectors. While the Movement Wake-up Costa Rica, emerged as an initiative to protest citizens on social networks through the hashtag #DespiertaCostaRica and has grown in disagreement with the handling of the Pandemic by the Executive Power. They indicate that the lack of economic recovery and the restrictions have affected the country.   

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