Australia and New Zealand Manifest Great Touristic Interest in Costa Rica

Good management of the COVID-19 Pandemic makes the nation an attractive place to visit

Australia and New Zealand are countries that have great touristic interests in Costa Rica. This was recently announced by Armando Vargas, Costa Rica’s ambassador to Australia. This interest is due to the good management that Costa Rica has in facing the COVID-19 Pandemic.

One of the factors that should be highlighted is that Costa Rica has the lowest mortality rate from COVID-19 in the American region. In addition, to have timely preventive measures that have managed to keep the contagion curve flat.

One of the agreements Australia wants to have with Costa Rica is that of code share services in civil aviation. This code share is an agreement between airlines to jointly market a particular trip, on one or more routes, or anywhere on a route. Similarly, they can participate in these national air transport agreements, or from a second or third country.

Armando Vargas commented: “The interest in visiting our republic is evident and growing in Australia and New Zealand, particularly during the cold southern winter, the press publishes occasional reports on Costa Rica as an ideal tourist destination. Many tourists want to experience what life is like in a demilitarized and neutral society.”

Several countries have joined the initiative called “First Movers” or “First Settlers” is the name that this proposal has had to reopen tourism among the countries that have successfully managed the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The countries that have joined this proposal are: Israel, Greece, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Norway. All these nations have in common that they have already started with the lifting of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.It is worth mentioning that this initiative is still in the negotiation phase between the member countries.

An important fact to know is that in 2019, more than 10,000 Australians visited Costa Rica, being after China the country with the most visitors from the Asia-Pacific region, according to figures from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

It is worth mentioning that our nation would be interested in attracting Australian travelers to boost hotel occupancy, this way seeking to recover the sector from Pandemic.

Post Coronavirus Consumption and Tourism

According to a study called “Consumption and Tourism Post Coronavirus”, carried out by the Costa Rican firm “Grinn Innovations” together with the Argentine consultancy firm “Singerman&Makon”, carried out with consumers in Costa Rica, the “Ticos” who still have savings despite this crisis want to spend them on gastronomy and tourism once all this happens.The survey for this study was conducted on approximately 776 people over the age of 18 throughout all the Costa Rican territory.

Pablo Singerman, CEO and founder of Singerman&Makon, said: “In the study, which produces surprising results, we see that despite the fears that the Pandemic could pose, most Costa Ricans declare their wishes to travel again, and even 40% maintain that this desire increased”.

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