Alliance provides facilities for Tico companies to become Carbon Neutral Plus

Companies that achieve Carbon Neutrality through the alliance will have a bonus of an additional 20% of carbon credits

An alliance between Anaconda Carbon, the Business Alliance for Development (AED), and Ecoins provides companies with the opportunity to become Carbon Neutral Plus. This is a program that raises a bonus of 20% additional carbon credits at no additional cost, for companies that achieve Carbon Neutrality through the alliance.

“Our program has made adjustments and streamlined processes so that all organizations can participate in climate action during this public health situation. The way out of this health and climate crisis is by creating green jobs and investing in clean economies,” explained Andrea Meza, director of Climate Change at the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE).

Companies can apply to be part of the program until November 30th

To access this program, companies must acquire carbon credits through the alliance. Also, the deadline for companies to indicate their interest in being part of the program is November 30th.

Those interested in the program should write to the email [email protected]

Subsequently, a registration of the company will be made and it must notify Anaconda of the footprint to be offset and the energy project that it wants to support.


“It is important to give companies options so that they do not abandon their sustainability efforts in times of crisis, and this alliance is just the alternative for organizations that have been working for Carbon Neutrality to continue supporting the national goals,” said Elizabeth Venegas, director of the Environmental Dimension of AED.

Karla Chaves, regional director of Ecoins, says that crises are the best time to look for opportunities and make a difference. “We look for options that benefit the environment and make a change even in difficult times. We encourage companies to take a step forward in their sustainability strategies and offset their footprint”, assured Chaves.

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