After being locked up by COVID-19, a Swiss Couple Traveled to Costa Rica to Buy a House in Cartago

The couple decided to buy a mountain house in Cartago

As soon as Costa Rica was reopened to commercial flights, A swiss couple (Ruth and Andreas Perracini) packed their bags and crossed the Atlantic amid the Global Coronavirus Pandemic to return to the country they consider their second home.

The Swiss nationals visited Costa Rican lands for the first time 33 years ago when they celebrated their honeymoon after getting married in their native Bern. Since then they have returned again and again, in a tireless search for forests, mountains, and beaches.

This visit is particularly special; they come amid the global COVID-19 Pandemic to buy a house in the mountains of Cartago. ”Here we feel safe, the Virus is everywhere in the World, but in Costa Rica, we feel calm. We don’t have to be afraid when we are here,” Ruth reflected from the terrace of her new house surrounded by birds of paradise, her favorite flowers, and for which she calls the country ”her paradise”.

The solid Costa Rican health system and the national management of the Pandemic are the two main reasons why this foreign couple prefers our country over other similar destinations.

Impact on the tourism sector

Marco Córdoba met this couple by offering tour guide services. For his small transport and Guide Company, this couple symbolizes the return of livelihood for his family and, through productive chains, for hundreds of others.

In normal times, between three and four hundred people are associated thanks to the productive links that include Mr. Córdoba`s services. Depending on the season, small hotels, restaurants, and transportation, as well as food providers, artisans, and others, are part of these chains.

For this tour guide, the return to the new normal of the sector, adhering to health protocols, is an important opportunity for the country. “We are protecting ourselves to protect the tourists so that the interactions are safe.” “The return of flights and tourists gives us hope that the country will be seen as a safe, green, sustainable destination,” Córdoba adds.

The business fabric of the national tourism sector is made up of up to 80% small and medium-sized companies, according to data from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

The countries authorized to enter Costa Rica make up a list that is periodically updated. Among the requirements for the entry of tourists is a negative PCR test taken 48 hours before the trip, acquiring medical insurance purchased in Costa Rica or abroad (with full coverage against COVID-19), and filling out an epidemiological digital form called the Health Pass. Also, there must be proof of stay for at least 14 days before the authorized country from which the flight originates.

The activities allowed in cantons with yellow health alert include outdoor tours, treks, hiking, canopy, cable cars, raft rides, recreational water, and air activities, among others, always respecting the “social bubbles” and in strict adherence to health protocols.

Reservations can be made in hotels and lodges at 100% capacity in cantons on yellow health alert and 50% of their capacity in cantons on orange health alert. For both cases, the common areas must be used only at 50%.

National Parks are enabled in their regular hours at half their maximum capacity allowed. Finally, car rentals and authorized tourist transport are enabled, both exempt from the vehicular circulation restrictions.

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