7 out of 10 Costa Ricans plan to spend less money this Christmas

The end of an atypical year is approaching. The Covid-19 pandemic meant 2020 with health, economic, and even social crisis. Even though we have learned to live with the virus, the dynamics at the end of the year could be very different from what we have known.

A survey by 800 country-level phone calls conducted by CAC Porter Novelli’s quantitative research team reveals that the majority of people surveyed (68%) plan to spend less this year-end than in previous periods. 11% plan to spend the same and only 6% plan to spend more this Christmas.

“It is not a secret that all economic activity was affected in 2020. It is striking that, despite the crisis, there still is a percentage, no matter how minimal, which plans to spend more at the end of the year,” he said CAC Porter Novelli.

What have we Ticos invested in during the pandemic?

39% of those surveyed answered that their investments were destined for savings, 33% invested in health, and 26% in education. Another of the data released by the survey is the way to find out about the population during the pandemic. 33% of those surveyed answered that they do so on television, while 31% ´through social networks of the main media. However, 32% indicated that they use all means to be aware of the crisis, pandemic, and roadblocks.

Demographic data

When crossing the data, the survey reveals that those who saved the most during the pandemic are people between the ages of 18 and 29. This same population is the one that invested the most in education. The sector that invested the most in health is the population over 50 years of age. The item in which the respondents spent the least was tourism

The survey was conducted in October 2020, through telephone calls to landlines throughout the national territory. The sample was 800 people.

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