4 Reasons Why Women Should Study STEM Careers

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    One of the best decisions a person can make is to learn any of the STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), since it not only acquires new skills, but also opens up job opportunities inside and outside the country. Since the whole world was forced to transform the way of living, it has become increasingly evident how important the use of smartphones and computers is on a day-to-day basis to work, learn, be informed, and have fun, among many other things. That is why STEM careers are highly useful, not only for those who are dedicated to creating it, but for anyone who seeks to be at the forefront in fields of technology and innovation.

    Basic science professionals are now in extremely high demand because cyber-physical technologies require fundamental developments that can fuel research and development efforts. “STEM careers have been thought to be only for a select group of people. However, its breadth has meant that there is a great diversity on offer to develop specific skills. Today reference is made to STEAM, recognizing the importance of the Arts in the context of science, technology and mathematics. There are technical careers available with a diversity of approaches”, says Laura Valenzuela from Cenfotec University.

    The 4 most important reasons

    1. High labor demand: Careers related to information and communication technologies are the ones with the highest labor demand, according to the survey of the human resources carried out by CINDE among foreign investment companies.

    2. Extensive possibilities for specialization and growth: Technological progress makes specialization in major trends increasingly necessary, such as: Cloud, computer security, database administration, business intelligence, virtualization, mobile phones, apps, Web interaction, among others.

    3. Flexibility of hours and place of work: Due to the type of work, the positions and jobs, these areas are more flexible to a schedule, as well as a place to perform the work. Today, given the trend of teleworking, digital technologies fit perfectly within this model.

    4. Re-skilling and up-skilling: Opportunity to complement many careers and skills with computers and information technology.

    The myths that must be demolished

    Computing and computer science is only for the gifted: No! There are many areas and the skills required are very diverse.

    It is only for men: No! Both men and women are capable of developing the skills and abilities necessary to comply with a study plan and then perform successfully in the workplace. In Costa Rica, a series of efforts have been developed to incorporate more women into the world of technology. Last October, the “National Policy for Equality between Women and Men in Training, Employment and Enjoyment of the Products of Science, Technology, and Innovation” was signed.

    It is boring: Neither! Digital technologies offer endless options to develop, create, reinvent, rethink, and innovate.
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