Hugo Chavez Reported in Induced Coma and “very weak”

Latin America News – According to the Spanish newspaper ABC , Hugo Chavez is in induced coma. The newspaper said that according to sources consulted by them, the president of Venezuela has very weak vital signs and kept alive only by artificial respiration.

The report indicates that Chavez “by artificial assistance afforded by the Havana hospital where he was admitted. … death, could occur at any moment. ”

Today the Minister of Science and Technology of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, who is in Havana, Cuba, said that the Bolivarian leader was “delicate”.

Chavez underwent last December 11 from surgery, and was a “failure”. Surgery was aggravated by internal bleeding.

According to ABC, Chavez has “constant fever, loss of consciousness and not responding to antibiotics. Chavez has been fed intravenously due to the removal of nearly two feet of intestine, according to intelligence sources.

Also their respiratory functions were artificially assisted after tracheotomy an infection that led to the retention of fluid in the lungs, further Chavez has complete kidney failure sources reported.

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