Contributing Writer – Katharina Ladstaetter was born in Vienna, Austria. She finished education for Tourism in June 2013 at the age of 20 and decided to go to Costa Rica because she was always interested in Central America. In September 2014, Katharina is going to study Journalism and Media- Management at the University in Vienna. She is very interested in languages and is fascinated about writing. Katharina speaks German, English and some Spanish, when she goes back to Austria she also wants to learn French. In her leisure time she likes dancing, traveling and she enjoys festivals. E-mail: contributor [at]
Contributing Writer Christina Tepasse born in Bocholt, Germany. After finishing High School at the age of 19 in 2008, she went abroad and spent a year as an Au Pair in Raleigh, in North Carolina, USA. After her year in North Carolina, she decided to start her Bachelor’s studies in English and Spanish at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2012 Christina finished her Bachelors and started her Master’s studies in “Comparative studies in English and American Language, Literature and Culture” also at the University of Düsseldorf. Christina always liked to read and write and her studies strengthened her passion for writing. After her Master’s program she would like to become a journalist. Christina is interested in languages and speaks German, English, Spanish and a little Italian. E-mail: contributor [at]
Contributing Writer Sam April was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, He graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia in 2010 with a BA in Spanish and a minor in religious studies. He has studied abroad in Costa Rica and Italy. He completed his last semester of high school at the Instituto de Educación Turrialba in Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English, and is currently learning Japanese. On September 5, 2012 he married his wife Raquel, who is from Heredia, Heredia, Costa Rica. They live together in downtown Heredia. His personal interests are juggling, learning languages, and traveling with a backpack.E-mail: contributor [at]
Sophie Best
Contributing Writer Sophie Best was born in Darmstadt/Germany. In May 2012 SHE successfully passed her A-levels and in October she is going to study Journalism and Public Relations at the “Bits-Hochschule” in Iserlohn/Germany. During her school time Sophie did two internships, one at a local radio station and one at a newspaper, which helped Sophie become more and more fascinated by journalistic activity. Her personal interests are dancing, music, languages and Sophie is passionate about traveling and meeting new cultures. Sophie spent a semester studying in Vancouver BC and now staying in Costa Rica for two month. Sophie has strong language skills able to speak English, German, French and some Spanish. E-mail: contributor [at]
Juliane Schlue
Contributing Writer Juliane Schlue was born in Germany and since she was 12 years old she wanted to be a Journalist. Juliane graduated school in Germany in June, 2012 and wants study Cultural Anthropology. She began her journalistic work with her own blog ( She is very interested in languages and able to speak German, English, French and a little Spanish. Juliane loves traveling, singing and music, and enjoys festivals and concerts. E-mail: contributor [at]
kim byrne
Regional Correspondent – South Puntarenas (South Pacific) Kimberly Byrne is a Canadian entrepreneur who lived in Asia for 3+ years before immersing herself in the unique lifestyle of southern Pacific Costa Rica, where she lives, works and volunteers. While in Seoul, Kimberly worked at the international Wall Street Institute teaching business and political English to professionals as well as developing her own business- designing and implementing English seminar courses for the entertainment industry’s radio and television studios. Now in Costa Rica, she is a successful e-business entrepreneur with an online English teaching website. Kimberly is passionate about continuously expanding her language and culture acquisition, and is an avid pro-vegan, holistic, and reader of philosophy. E-mail: contributor [at]
Contributing Writer Elizabeth Dickinson was born in Evanston, Illinois and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.  During her junior year at Clemson University, she developed her Spanish language ability by studying in Sevilla, Spain.   After receiving her MFA in non-fiction writing from Sarah Lawrence College, she traveled through Asia and Central America.  She met her boyfriend, Silvio Aragon,  in Nicaragua, and the two moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she taught Business English.  They now live  in San Ramon Tres Rios, where Silvio studies English and photography, and she writes.  Her personal interests include traveling, arts, culture, and learning how to prepare gallo pinto. E-mail: contributor [at]
maya donahue
Contributing Writer Maya Donahue was born in Boston Ma but is still a southern girl at heart. She has been a Florida resident for 10 years. She has her BA degree in Journalism/Public Relations from William Paterson University, NJ. Feature and news articles have always been a part of her life doing freelance for a variety of publications. She enjoys writing, traveling, photography the outdoors and boating. E-mail: contributor [at]
jose solis
Movies Jose Solís is a professional writer and film critic. He writes for websites and publications in Costa Rica, England and the United States while he pursues his Master’s degree in Film Studies from Arizona State University. He’s currently working on his first feature film screenplay.Website: www.movieskickass.comE-mail: contributor [at]
nutritionist costa rica
Nutrition, Food & Dining Laura B. Leff, MS, HN, is a Holistic Nutritional Counselor who’s passion is teaching others how to live holistically and eat more healthfully. She worked in the San Francisco Bay area for many years, and after meeting a Tico in California, she decided to bring her zeal for nutrition to beautiful Costa Rica. Since living in Costa Rica, Laura has been feeding her inner-foodie spirit by writing food reviews and nutrition articles for The Costa Rica News. She’s also taken on the role as an English teacher, while learning Spanish and experiencing the Costa Rican culture. She enjoys cooking, traveling, the outdoors, photography, being active, foreign cultures and languages.E-mail: contributor [at]
costa rica news columnist
Retirement & Living Kat Sunlove moved to Costa Rica in 2010 with her husband Layne and is enjoying retirement living in Atenas. With a Masters in Political Science from the University of Hawaii, Kat has been active in progressive political and social causes all her life. She is passionate about sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, gourmet cooking, dancing, swimming and lots of reading.E-mail: contributor [at]
Eco News, Travel & Leisure Frank Izaguirre is a writer, ecocritic, and birdwatcher. In Costa Rica, he keeps up with the country’s conservation efforts and challenges. He blogs at E-mail: contributor [at]
Horoscopes, Travel & Leisure Lou Cheek, our astrologer-in-residence, has been casting charts and providing esoteric advice for over 40 years. As part of his experience in these matters, he has also conducted paranormal investigations, written about mysterious and haunted locations, and given talks on these topics. He also has written travel articles and does other freelance work. If you have questions for Lou, or you’d like him to do a chart for you, please contact him here at Costa Rica News by filling out the form below or by sending him a personal email. E-mail: contributor [at]
Politics, Travel & Leisure Jennifer Mayer is a Vermont native and a Columbia University graduate. She is currently living in San Jose and teaching ESL to business professionals. Prior to moving to Costa Rica she worked with CNN’s AC360 show, MSNBC and Hearst Magazine. She enjoys politics, reading, traveling around Costa Rica, practicing Spanish and exploring Tico culture.E-mail: contributor [at]
Marketing & Advertising Richard Ternouth is a Canadian and has been living in Costa Rica since 2006. Richard has been involved in sales and marketing since he was in his late teens, and is very excited to be able to introduce The Costa Rica News to new advertisers. He plays guitar, bridge and loves to fish whenever he gets the chance and the love of his life is his dog Maya.E-mail: Richard [at]
Business & Investment Brian L. Smith has lived in Costa Rica 12+ years with an education & private business background before finding his niche as a Realtor for the past five years. A genuine investment expert, yet still approachable, his take on government, economic and cultural trends offer extremely accurate information to our readers.E-mail: contributor [at]
Health Ileana Alfaro studied dermatology in Costa Rica and Brazil and is currently dedicated to her private practice, a skin clinic. She specializes in general dermatology, esthetic dermatology, laser and dermatologic surgery. When she is not working in her skin clinic, she is teaching as a dermatology professor at UNIBE. Some of Ileana’s accomplishments include being a member of Colegio Iberolainoamericano de Dermatología CILAD, the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology ASCD, the International Dermoscopy Society, as well as being a Certified Dermatologist in CMC Costa Rica.E-mail: contributor [at]
My face Editor & Contributor Lindsey Vast is the Editor and a regular contributor to TCRN, as well as many other publications.  Lindsey comes from a versatile background that includes real estate investing, wine sommelier, and renewable energy.  E-mail: lindsey [at]

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