UCR Planetarium: Celebrate Children’s Month With Us!

September Activities:

Monday 7, 5:00 pm: Children’s workshop

Tuesday 8, 5:00 pm: Children’s workshop

Wednesday 9, 5:00 pm: Children’s workshop (Fb live)

6:30 pm: ‘Celestial Zoo’ functions (reservation required, Zoom platform)

7:30 pm: Presentation of the Planetarium mascot

Friday 18, 6:00 pm: Questions and answers for children

Wednesday 23, 6:00 pm: Launch of the children’s stories about the planets

Saturday 26, 6:00 pm: Conversation for children

Wednesday 30, 6:00 pm: Launch of the children’s stories on polar auroras

All activities are free and will be broadcast on the Social Networks of the SJ Planetarium

Reservations for ‘Celeste Zoo’ to the email: [email protected]

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