Top Asia to America Destinations

From the icy north to the sun-drenched beaches, ancient archaeological sites to misty rainforests, the Americas have something to offer any tourist traveling from Asia and beyond. The long flight there will be worth every moment you will have to spend visiting different destinations and other world-famous attractions. Not only will you get to experience the spectacular landscapes, but also get a feel of the buzzing cities.

By itself, North America has a remarkable array of enchanting tourist attractions, from the skyscrapers of New York and Chicago, the grandeur of the Rockies, to the wilderness on the Yucatan Peninsula which is ruin-studded.

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On the other hand, South and Central America have many places you can visit for a vacation. The countries here are as fascinating as their northern counterparts, if not with more destinations and vibrant cultures. From the samba rhythms of Brazil or the Argentine’s tempestuous tango to the picturesque Caribbean coastline and the vast ice fields of Patagonia.

Packed with delights, the American continent has so many to offer that one might not know where exactly to begin. Below are the two little known countries in America that should be on your radar for this coming year.

1.      Ecuador

When it comes to exploring America, there is no better place to start than a country in the middle of the world. Ecuador is one of the smaller Andean nations, but the size should not fool you – it is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world with some of the highest biodiversities per square kilometer. The country is home to the first and second UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the places to visit include;

  • The Galapagos Islands

The enticing Galapagos Islands are in Ecuador and can only be accessed by flying to the country first. The Islands have more to offer, including the endemic and fearless wildlife, which have grown over thousands of years. Thanks to the preservation efforts and regulations surrounding the Galapagos National Park, it continues to serve as untouched evidence of evolution. Apart from the Park, the volcanic landscapes of the islands are described as otherworldly.

  • The Choco Bioregion & Mashpi Reserve

While the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador has one of the highest levels of biodiversity with over 40,000 types of plants and 2.5 million insect species, it is often a tough destination to get to. Luckily, the Choco Bioregion offers you an enticing image too. Besides, its proximity to Quito provides visitors not only the view of the rainforest but also the cloud forest as well. Each type of forest there is a pristine hotspot for diverse flora and fauna.

2.      Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s charm lies in the unspoiled beaches, lush rainforests, and an abundance of both flora and fauna. With a myriad of wildlife such as jaguars, toucans, and monkeys, it is easy to see why many tourists prefer Costa Rica as their dream destination. There is a wide array of activities one can take part in, such as hiking active volcanoes, surfing warm turquoise waters, and ziplining through cloud-covered forests. The relaxed way of life experienced in the country is yet another appealing factor to many tourists. Mingling with the residents – known Ticos from the capital San Jose all the way to the jungles and beaches.


These two little known countries in America have a lot to offer. The beautiful scenery will paint a permanent imageon your mind that you will live to remember. For your next holiday vacation from Asia to America, consider making a stopover at these two great nations.

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