The Pros and Cons of Teleworking in the Present Times

In Costa Rica, Resonance, is all Pros for this lifestyle alternative

For a long time, teleworking has been discussed, its mechanisms, its advantages and the fear by some entrepreneurs of its impulse around the world. Remote work is a unique experience, of course, that has exceeded expectations with the coming of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Due to social distancing that is present during this health crisis, a large number of companies maintain the mechanism of work at home. According to experts, teleworking can cause the reduction of wages, benefits and even indefinite contracts for those who are professional services. It can even jeopardize, according to some experts, the global tourism industry.

Telecommuting isn’t bad per se…
This working mechanism is part of innovation, improvements, possibilities, transformation for companies and large organizations. It is worth remembering that every change has its ups and downs.

Within telework there is flexibility, but on the part of professionals there must be greater organization, demand, and it is quite a challenge. Should we fear teleworking? In the face of our new global reality, fear is normal, but it should not be greater than action, implementing new things professionally and personally.

Resonance Costa Rica ( has demonstrated this well, converting teleworking into a great possibilities for growth, understanding and entrepreneurship. Working from a computer while at the same time, being connected directly with nature, a benefit towards inspiration and creativity both mentally and physically.

At Resonance when your teleworking day ends, then, deep breathing, meeting other interesting people, and meditating in nature, begins. Resonance has always promoted remote work, in harmony with contributing towards a better future, more conscious, more human.
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Resonance Costa Rica
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