Campaign “The Brave Team” Seeks to Promote Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in Costa Rica

The initiative will give free tests for the early detection of this disease

For the third consecutive year, the “La Sele de los Valiente” (The Brave Team) campaign seeks to promote the early detection of prostate cancer and raise awareness about this disease.

The initiative of the Costa Rican Football Federation and Monge focuses especially on raising awareness among men over 40 years of age and their families, about the diagnostic tests that allow detecting the disease promptly.

“Prostate cancer is more common in our country than we think, and its initial phase does not present any symptoms. For this reason, it is vital that

to generate an early diagnosis and have the valuable opportunity to maintain an excellent quality of life, men over 40 years of age have a blood test and a digital rectal examination,” explained Dr. José Ardón.

30 men can take the exams for free

For this edition, “La Sele de los Valientes” will give 30 men the corresponding tests to detect this type of cancer. Those interested can enter the corresponding link, complete the form, and wait for the announcement message. The campaign also offers people to apply for their family or friends, to receive the tests.

“It is more than proven that these tests can mean the difference between life and death. Taking care of yourself is an act of individual courage and family commitment”, commented Carlos Fernández, Monge’s Communications Manager.

As part of the campaign, figures from the sports field and national entertainment such as Gustavo López, Norval Calvo, and Giovanny Calderón, will share messages on social networks from FedefFútbol and Monge.

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