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    Adrenaline Index The best countries for thrill seekers

    Adrenaline Index: The best countries for thrill seekers

    There are plenty of reasons we all go camping. And, while for some, a walk to the pub and a morning coffee by the campfire is as thrilling as it gets, for adrenaline junkies, camping is about seeking out wild spots and finding those activities that really get the pulse racing

    Costa Rica- “La Esmeralda Exquisita”

    When it comes to winding a long day or to seize the moment to rejuvenate one's senses, Costa Rica provides the ultimate gateway for...

    Costa Rica: It is beautiful and it is colorful but is it safe?

    Costa Rica is a safe place. But as it may happen anywhere else in the world, there's a few caveats you should take into...

    The ICT Invests in Assuring the Country’s Future

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) will allocate US$ 3 million in a 3-year period (US$ 1 million-per-year), with the possibility of extending it...
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