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    Malekus Form Territorial Instance of Indigenous Consultation

    Last Saturday, the indigenous territory of Maleku formed, in an open assembly, its Territorial Instance for Indigenous Consultation (ITCI). 7 proprietary members and alternates...

    MEP Will Apply Diagnostic Test to Evaluate Costa Rican Students’ English

    The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) will apply to students of academic colleges and technicians of the country a diagnostic test to determine their...

    Ex-Ministers and Experts Request Limit to 1 the Number of Weapons Allowed per Person

    A group of citizens, including ex-ministers and experts on the subject of Public Safety, requested the deputies to leave in 1 weapon the one...

    MEP announces plan for accessible technology in rural areas

    The project aims to equip rural students and teachers with computers, connect them to the Internet, and provide training.
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