Puntarenas Launches Campaign For Promoting Touristic Visits to its Port

Puntarenas Launches Campaign For Promoting Touristic Visits to its Port

The Puntarenas Tourism Board (JPT) will launch a campaign of committed promoters, who are part of the tourism industry and who, along with the wide biodiversity offered by the province, are the protagonists, hosts and driving force of the region´s economy.

As history has made clear, Puntarenas hosts many renowned artists, athletes, businessmen, public servants, fishermen and countless other characters, who are tireless fighters, warm, helpful, very happy and enthusiastic people that have been training and rigorously preparing to receive national and international tourists, under strict sanitary protocols, with security and trust being paramount.

That is why, with the motto, “We do not worry, we prepare well for your safe return”, many of these protagonists share their work and enthusiasm caused by the fact that many tourists soon will return to give life again to the Pearl of the Pacific.

With the campaign focused on networks, and testimonies of various actors representing the different unions linked to tourism, tourists will be able to listen to the cook who seasoned the dishes, the waitress and restaurant owner who strives to gratify your visit, the pool cleaner and hotelier who seek to give you a unique experience, the cultural promoter and the tour guide who contribute their knowledge, the fisherman, the lifeguard, the boat captain, the municipal employees who have a vocation for service; in short, to different people-links that, either in front or behind the scenes, that allow tourists to enjoy their visit and safe return.

Pablo Novoa, is an enthusiastic tour guide who enjoys taking visitors to know the vast natural and historical wealth of the different destinations in Puntarenas, such as the paradisiacal Playa Quesera, the beautiful Tortuga, San Lucas and Cedros Islands. He commented that this August 22nd  a tour will be carried out to appreciate bioluminescence, one of the natural phenomena that tourists most enjoy and that it is a show generated by living microorganisms that, when moving or disturbing water, emit light and at night it creates a spectacular light effect,being Costa Rica one of the few places in the world where this is possible.

That is why, during all this time of quarantine, they have taken care of implementing all the sanitary protocols so that tourists return with confidence to continue enjoying this beauty. For his part, Siumen Casaw, from the iconic Chung San Bistro restaurant, in addition to highlighting the attributes of the people, from the places of the Port, also emphasizes the training that has been provided to receive the Costa Rican family soon and transmit them the joy, warmth and service that the people of Puntarenas naturally give to all visitors.

“We are very happy to think that soon visitors will be able to return with tranquility and confidence and enjoy the warmth of Buenos Aires, the wide variety of marine-coastal species that the Marine Park offers, under strict sanitary guidelines,” said Emanuel Castro, Park guide.

Other “porteños” such as Alfredo Contreras Zúñiga, former player of the Municipal Puntarenas team, participate in this emotional campaign, nostalgically remembering times and anecdotes that reflect that essence and passion of the chuchequeros, such as the emotion they felt when they played and won the final, and that ended in a great party in La Deriva. “We are a happy, warm, honest, receptive people and thus we want to receive tourists, taking care of their security and always with open arms for when they return.”

“Puntarenas is a province that urgently needs to boost its economy because it has been hit hard by the Pandemic. The philosophy that we manage is precisely that during all this time we have been taking care of and improving all the essential aspects to attract and receive visitors under the strict guidelines that the new normality requires,” said Juan Ramón Rivera, President of INCOP and of the Tourism Promotion Board.

As part of the safety standardization protocols, the “Healthy Puntarenas Shield” has been implemented, which originates from the Puntarenas Chamber of Tourism and safeguards both tourist and the general population, complying  with all hygiene and safety protocols for reducing the risk of communicable diseases such as COVID-19, Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya mosquitoes. This means that, in addition to the use of protective equipment, there are good practices and strict hygiene and sanitation procedures in all aspects to welcome the different social bubbles. This initiative has been widely supported by the different protagonists of the sector.

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