More than a Million Deaths from Coronavirus in the World

The number of fatalities caused by the outbreak of the new type of Coronavirus in the world has exceeded one million 1,500. It is about 33.3 million confirmed cases, and more than 24.4 million 441 thousand recovered from COVID-19.

USA: The number of those killed by COVID-19 has exceeded 209 thousand, is the epicenter of the pandemic. There are 7 million 321 thousand infected.

Brazil: With another 335 dead, the figure has reached 141,776. The balance of cases has amounted to 4,732,309.

Mexico: The death toll has risen to 76,430.

Australia: 875 deaths with another 3 in 24 hours. The number of those infected has reached 27,044.

UK: The death toll has risen to 41,988. It is about 434,969 infected.

Peru: Peru continues to be the country with the highest mortality rate in the world in terms of population by several deaths, with 97 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, while it occupies the seventh place in the world with the most deaths from the disease.

Costa Rica: at the present moment, the numbers stand at 72100 Contagions, 27800 Recovered, 43560 Active, and 831 have died from the virus.

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