How to organize marketing support for your business

Marketing plays a significant role in the world today. Economy and business rest on ethical marketing and advertising. So many different forms of training and courses help business owners to learn the basics of marketing and how to use that knowledge to improve their business. The main activity of companies takes place on the Internet, a place of daily selling and buying. The Internet has an audience made up of billions, which includes potential consumers. Attractive website design, competent marketing methods, and the correct flow of information are providing an influx of new audience to products.

For the company to become truly popular and function actively, it is necessary to learn Internet marketing from trusted coaches and lecturers to study this growth. It is not buying a college essay online from websites like EssayBulls that entrepreneurs ask to write and forget it in a short time. Basic knowledge of marketing is essential for companies’ founders. It helps to implement a lot of useful things in the business.

The Internet is a huge space of information. Thanks to modern technology, each company has a personal website. Through these webpages, users can not only sell goods and services, but also popularize information about companies’ activities, look for investors, attract a new audience, and much more. The right approach to the design of the site and the presentation of information helps to achieve success in a short time. Every day, something new appears in the world’s marketing, and it is crucial to keep abreast. Marketing is a set of events and tools that an entrepreneur uses daily in the company to generate traffic, money, margin, and profit. Here are some rules to follow.

Building the Strategy

The basis of a marketing strategy is the mission of the business. Before engaging in marketing, it is better to understand the hierarchy of the plan and figure out what the task is for the company.

It is not enough for entrepreneurs to make money; the way they do it has more importance in the modern world.

The Main Communicator Rule

The company should have an employee that acts as a commander in an army. There should always be a person who is responsible for the entire marketing plan. That does not mean that this employee should personally deal with everything from designing to checking texts in a press release. Their task is to build a very holistic strategy of positioning and promotion. This strategy involves controlling the interaction of all departments of the enterprise. 

The primary communicator should have real authority to make their own responsible decisions. This person should have the right to financially sign in the framework of the marketing budget without looking for approval every time. If the enterprise gives such freedom to a true professional, work goes faster. The company also saves on the advertising budget by concluding long-term cooperation agreements and wholesale purchases of necessary things.

This particular person should initiate all the intentions and plans of the enterprise. 

PR and Advertising Integration

A public relations specialist and an advertising manager are two different people, and their responsibilities are separated. The official duties of the PR specialist include holding special PR campaigns, maintaining good relations with journalists, and posting publications about the company in the media for free. An advertising specialist engages in the production and placement of materials in the same press, but on a paid basis. Information delivery affects the consciousness of people more than advertising messages.

Nevertheless, the company usually diminishes the role of a specialist in public relations. The same work — interaction with media employees — has to be done twice with all the ensuing consequences. To prevent this, the business owner has to combine the functions of PR and advertising managers within one position. The person should have the authority to negotiate with media from commercials and an information point of view. 

The Marketing Audit Rule

The primary communicator is responsible for creating a position in the heads of customers and has broad powers for its implementation. A marketing audit helps to build research aimed at determining this position in the minds of consumers. The rule of marketing audit says: the company management should act “the opposite” in comparison with the integration of PR and advertising, to separate this function from the communication process. Such a study should be carried out by an independent structure. The marketing audit’s frequency is no more than once a year, taking into account budget savings and the presence of a temporary lag of the impact of information on people’s minds. If a company starts the process of changing the buyer’s mind in January of this year, the changes will occur six months later. The created position will be consolidated only after a year and a half. And that is why the tactical results of the activities of the main communicator are also significant. They should receive specific, measurable tasks and be accountable for their implementation always – on a quarterly, monthly, and even weekly basis. Then the primary communicator will still be in tone.

The Cross Competition Rule

This rule applies primarily to companies that operate in different markets. Companies accumulate capital and move into the next category. They begin to plan and develop related businesses. But it is important to remember that some are customers and some are sellers. Therefore, if operating in the same market, the owner decides to occupy a neighboring niche. Their movement may undermine the company’s focus and put the company and customers in a competitive environment.

The Interaction of Marketing and Sales

Marketers should work for sales, not for their expression. Sales managers, in 95% of cases, receive piece-rate pay. Therefore, they are more focused on results. If they say that marketing does not give the desired effect, it is worth listening and checking. That’s why the cooperation between the marketing and sales department is so important. 

How much money do people in business need to spend on marketing? It all depends on the time and status of the company. A universal formula does not exist, but the start of a business usually takes the most significant expenses. Further, it all depends on the profit and scope of the company. When setting up marketing costs, the PR specialist spends 10% of last month’s turnover on development in the next. But these expenses are not only for marketing but in general for business development. And this is not a stable percentage: in one of the months, the company saves and in the next spends a little more. There is no universal approach in marketing, as different methods work in different businesses. That’s because each company has its own story.

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