Downloads, Apps, and Social Media Usage Increase Significantly during Confinement

Downloads, Apps, and Social Media Usage Increase Significantly during Confinement.
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Normally, humanity seeks different ways to substitute the leisure time that it currently has and which was previously distributed among work, sports, student, and recreational activities, among others, and that now motivated to confinement due to pandemic causes, they cannot do.

The social distancing experienced in many countries due to the spread of COVID-19 has modified the way of life of people in different ways and this has accelerated the use of technology where some applications have been the most used.

It highlights a high percentage of the use of social networks to order food at home, sees conventions, exercise routines, conducts research to fulfill assignments at school, university, or watch live concerts done by great artists and streaming has become a trend In almost all the world.

We can say that there is an increase of almost 100% in terms of the use of technologies and social networks. Among them we have:

According to a study carried out by the App Annie platform during the week of March 14-21, 62 million mobile video conferencing apps were downloaded worldwide.

This represents an increase of over 45% according to data from the previous week. Compared to 2019, analyzing the same week, the increase is over 90%.

For the first quarter of 2020, on Google Play, India and Brazil were the two largest markets for app downloads. On iOS, China, and the United States were the two largest markets in this regard, as well as the main drivers of growth in technology downloads quarter by quarter.

Most downloaded categories

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Games” represents the biggest driver of growth, “Tools” and “Entertainment” was the most downloaded categories on Google Play. Likewise, the changes in consumer behavior are being reflected in a growth in categories that, before, were not as downloaded as “Health” and “Entertainment”, “Education” and “Business”.

These three categories grew by 40%, 35%, and 30% respectively. Also, video conferencing tools, and collaborative work such as zoom, Hangouts Meet, and Teams, have had strong adoption.

The growth of the “Games”, “Entertainment” and “Social” categories is driven by Disney + and Twitch.

There is also an increase in the popularity of Discord, the gamer chat app, popular in France, Spain, and Germany.

As of March 31, Zoom is among the best ranked among daily iPhone downloads in 141 markets. During the week of March 15, Houseparty downloads worldwide grew 735 times since the first week of March.

Mobile games are all the rage and downloads grew 15% in the first three months of 2020 compared to the same period last year. At this same time, 13 billion mobile games have been downloaded.

Mobile application downloads increased

The imposition of quarantine in most countries has caused a representative increase in mobile application downloads.

Among the most prominent are those that have used to communicate over long distances through the use of video.

The application that has dominated in this time of confinement in terms of downloads was HouseParty, surpassing the renowned Skype. However, in recent days, Zoom had almost the same number of downloads but it is at a disadvantage because it does not have games.

Another of the most used applications is Google Classroom, whose function is to send school materials and the possibility of offering classes through this route. Faced with the inability of young people to attend colleges or universities, teachers manage to continue teaching.

We must also name Skype, which, like HouseParty and Zoom, this app helps keep users communicated.

There are many reasons why the use of technology, with all its great variety of advantages, has increased significantly during this time of quarantine. And it is without a doubt the most attractive and varied option that exists.
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