Costa Rica’s High Quality of Life

A small country in Central America with only 4.8 million inhabitants is one of the countries with the highest quality of life. What makes Costa Rica so special for both foreigners and inhabitants? It is said that the people from Costa Rica are the happiest. There has to be a reason.

Not only do they have most beautiful breathtaking Pacific beaches on the planet, but the miles of surf breaks makes its Pacific coast legendary. However, Costa Rica is also a world leader in ecological and sustainable development. Much of Costa Rica’s lush, tropical forests are protected natural preserves, and Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that has set a deadline for being carbon-neutral and is actually nearing that goal. Over 1.5 million people are visiting this country every year because it is the best mixture of relaxation, adventure, and nature. More and more people are moving to Costa Rica or want to live there and not just because of the stunning landscape.

refreshing waterfalls

Costa Rica is one of the healthiest places on earth. In one area of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, people have some of the longest lifespans on record. The Costa Rican health care system is highly acclaimed with universal health insurance and world-class public and private hospitals. The public health insurance system is known as the CAJA, and all citizens and legal residents are required to participate. For the typical retiree, the cost averages $50 to $65 per month.

Moreover, living in Costa Rica is not incredibly expensive, with fruit typically costing less than $1 and a ticket for a nice cultural event at the National Theatre only costs about $2. For sure you can spend all your money on luxurious causes in this country, but the people here do not care about money, they care about a nice life, or pura vida.

Costa Rica is a great place to retire and live; the people are nice, relaxed, and open-minded. Furthermore, it offers a great health system and the cost-performance ratio is balanced. Are you ready to move to Costa Rica?

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