Coastal Provinces have the best Covid-19 recovery rate in the Country

Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Limón present this weekend a particularity concerning the average of the national statistics for the Pandemic: in all three, the number of recovered cases exceeds the active number.

While at a general level the rate of discharged patients is only 31.4%, in these localities the behavior is completely different. At an individual level, the following stand out:

Guanacaste: this is the province with the least accumulated cases -772 in total-, of which 193 are active.

Puntarenas: of the three coastal provinces it is the one with the most cases with 1,373; of the 554 they remain active.

Limón: it was the last one where the recovered have exceeded the active ones and it is with the least mortality, only 5 of the deaths added to the national level.

24 weeks after the Pandemic started

Costa Rica has already reached 24 weeks in a Pandemic and it does so with the highest data of the entire crisis. The last day reported 950 new diagnoses, for a total of 33,084 accumulated. Of these, 348 have died and only 10,372 have recovered.

The average age of those infected is 37 years, but the group ranges from a 3-month-old baby to adults over 100 years old, mostly men of Costa Rican nationality. In hospitalization, there are 386 patients, 131 of them in Intensive Care according to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.

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