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    Sustainable Mobility in Costa Rica: A Duel Between Hydrogen and Electricity in the Future of Automotive Transport

    In this new era, two technologies are vying for dominance in the transportation of the future: hydrogen and electricity.

    Do You Know the Power Behind an Emoji?

    On July 17th, 2014, Jeremy Burge, founder of the Emojipedia website, decided to start celebrating World Emoji Day. This unofficial date has become a trend on social networks, to the point of having its own awards, the "Emoji Awards"....

    The Challenges of Privacy in the Age of Social Media

    In the age of social media, privacy has become one of the most important and relevant challenges we face as a society.

    The Dilemmas of Using Artificial Intelligence to Raise the Dead

    An advertising campaign showing the late Elis Regina and her daughter Maria Rita playing a duet has sparked antagonistic reactions on social media.

    The Key to Cure Baldness May Lie in Body Moles

    The research, published in the journal Nature, describes the essential role that osteopontin and CD44 molecules play in activating hair

    Brazilian Scientist Investigates the Properties of a ‘Magic Plant’ Similar to Marijuana

    The discovery made something of an academic star out of MouraNeto, an affable, gray-haired 66-year-old whose schedule was filled

    Biologists Find a Mysterious Creature in the Deep Waters of Costa Rica

    After several seconds of analyzing the rare creature, they realized that it was a "pelican eel" also known as "devouring eel"

    Costa Rica Leads the Way to Promote 5G Technology and Foreign Investment

    The Costa Rican government indicated that, by the second half of 2023, it is expected to have the cartel ready to receive offers

    Costa Rican Man Who Lost His Arms in an Accident Will Receive Myoelectric Prosthesis

    A 37-year-old Costa Rican, who lost his arms in a car accident 2 years ago, will become the first to obtain it...

    In Costa Rica, Researchers Discover a New Species of Octopus More Than 2,800 Meters Under The Sea

    During the expedition, the scientists used an underwater robot, ROV SuBastian, to observe seamounts and baby octopuses.
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