Study Reveals Psilocybin Psychedelic Therapy Eases Major Depression

    Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine have reported that, in a small study of adults with major depression, administration of two doses of the hallucinogenic drug psilocybin

    Basic Guide to Start Meditating Every Morning and Change the Energy of Your Day to Day

    Thousands of people talk about the multiple benefits that meditation brings to your life; some of them are that it relieves anxiety, depression and that it prevents stress.

    Alcohol Does Accelerate Aging, a Recent Study Indicates

    Through an observational analysis, the Oxford experts realized that there was a significant association between high alcohol intake

    Vaccines Against Cancer, a Path of Study in Full Development

    Vaccines based on messenger RNA have helped put a stop to Covid-19, a technology that, however, was initially conceived

    A Longevity Pill Could Extend Human Lifespan to Over 100 Years

    The senolytics created at Mayo Clinic were administered once and eliminated senescent or zombie cells from the bloodstream

    Do You Know What Wellness Is? Start Practicing It With These Simple Steps

    Wellness is the healthy balance between the mental, physical and emotional levels. Working these three spheres

    Obligation to Get Vaccinated in Costa Rica is Eliminated

    Given this, the Government has analyzed the refusal of the Vaccination Commission to put Costa Rica on the list of countries that respect

    The Nordic Diet is Currently Fashionable, but, is it as Healthy as the Mediterranean?

    The Nordic diet is not just about health. It was also developed to help the planet by using local and sustainable foods

    10% of Costa Ricans Suffer From Diabetes

    “It is important for people to understand that, by adopting healthy lifestyles, which include regular physical activity, a balanced diet

    Foods to Include in Your Fitness Diet

    Likewise, this is established based on enduring the impact of a certain exercise program, so it is a fundamental
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    Costa Rica Asks to Evaluate Environmental Risk Before Starting Seabed Mining in International Waters

    The States Parties to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea have the mandate to guarantee the protection of the marine
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