68 Thousand Costa Ricans Found a New Job in the Last Three Months

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    According to a research performed by INEC, a total of 68 thousand Costa Rican citizens found a job in the last three months, which represented an increase in the number of employed people in comparison with the last year.

    However, the report shows that these figures were not enough to have a meaningful impact on the national employment rate that’s still 54% because the increase in the working-age and the employed population is too little to raise the rates.

    Therefore, there were not any remarkable statistical changes:

    • Employed male population: 68%
    • Employed female population: 39%

    Despite this, the government has shown satisfaction with these rates.

    “This increase means that we have taken the right way and we are doing the right thing to improve employment rates and drive down unemployment in the country” – the Minister of Social Security and Labor said.

    The rise in the employment rates is associated with transportation – related jobs, the incorporation of new teachers in educational centers (18,000) and the admission of new medical professionals in the Costa Rican healthcare system (36,000).

    It is important to say that this increase in the rates had a positive impact on both urban and rural population.

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