Why Choose a Costa Rica Destination Wedding?

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    The trend in recent years with many soon-to-be married couples is to forgo the traditional large, expensive church wedding for an exotic wedding destination. There are a variety of reasons why so many couples are choosing tropical locations for their special day. For many the budget makes destination weddings a very attractive option. For others a tropical wedding destination is an exciting, romantic choice. If you are choosing an exotic, romantic getaway for your special day, here are 10 reasons why you should consider a Costa Rica wedding destination.


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    Destination Stability

    An important first decision is where? Country and political stability as well as established service industry should be factored into the decision. If you are not comfortable leaving a resort area because of crime and living standards, then you picked the wrong country. As an example of how fast political environments can change in some of the more unstable countries look at the recent turmoil in Thailand and Honduras, both of which were up and coming destinations of choice for travelers. As the longest standing democratic and the most stable country in Latin America, Costa Rica has become the destination choice.



    Cost is a big factor for those planning a tropical wedding destination. Because of this, many couples are choosing tropical locations in Central America such as Costa Rica and the Caribbean. Costa Rica as a wedding destination has been outpacing many other locations including the Caribbean primarily because you can get an unparalleled tropical experience with a mature service industry for significantly less money.



    Proximity is very important as well, both in terms of cost and convenience. Costa Rica has two international airports and is less than 5 hours from most North American hubs many of which offer direct flights, so getting here for your family and friends is easy and inexpensive.


    Advanced Service Industry

    Costa Rica has the most advanced travel service industry in Latin America. Tourism statistics for Costa Rica can shed some light on the growth of the service industry. From 329,000 foreign arrivals in 1988 to a record 2.3million in 2013, the service industry has grown rapidly in keeping pace. Luxury resorts, infrastructure, access and all the supporting service businesses available now are truly remarkable. Whether you want a candlelight dinner in a five star tree-house restaurant or a hot stone massage in a cliff top gazebo Costa Rica can deliver.



    Costa Rica is one of the easiest places for a marriage. Requirements for legal marriage, including witnesses, and marriage license applications are all straight forward and not complicated. By law two witnesses are required to attest that they know the couple and that the bride and groom are each entering marriage by their own will and are each legally able to be married.

    Requirements for Getting Married in Costa Rica:

    • A valid passport is required for the bride, the groom and each witness. Copies of each are required for the notary prior to the ceremony.
    • Two witnesses must be present at the ceremony. Anyone can be a witness (and good wedding planners can assist in providing witnesses for you)
    • Certificate of marital status for groom and bride is required
    • A wedding information questionnaire must be completed prior to the ceremony



    Weather wise, Costa Rica is a great year round choice. Costa Rica’s unique topography, geography and position in the Caribbean protect it rapidly changing weather patterns. According to NASA Costa Rica has “the healthiest climate in the world”, and National Geographic rates Costa Rica as having some of the best weather in the world.


    Destination Wedding Planners

    Even if you and your loved one have opted for a very small and private wedding, an experienced, qualified, reputable Costa Rica destination wedding consultant is simply the best way to go. Wedding planners have the know-how, resources and experience to not only get the job done faster, but will they allow the happy couple a stress free experience not only on that special day, but pre and post wedding as well. From obtaining legal permits, arranging vendors, music, photography, airport pickup and drop off, guest gift bags, language barriers, currency exchange issues and everything in between, these masters of organization and facilitation are a must.

    As a romantic getaway with its picturesque mountain tops, waterfalls, hot springs, active volcanoes, and pristine beaches, Costa Rica offers some the best backdrops in the world. Costa Rica also has an advanced destination wedding service industry while still being significantly less expensive than North America. With all this it’s no wonder that Costa Rica is frequently seen on so many Top 10 wedding destination lists. If you are planning a destination wedding for your special day, make sure Costa Rica is on your list of destination countries.

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