What Is Really Behind 5g Technology?

Experts provide evidence of the relationship between 5G technology and the current Coronavirus crisis

Since 2018, many variants of 5G technology have been generated, mainly due to the benefits it brings, but also because, of the possible damage to human health.

One author, J.E. Joe Ante, said recently the following about 5G technology, “the way 5G kills is much more interesting.” 

Can this technology kill?

According to the author, in the face of high concentrations of 5G use, suffocation of humans is obtained at street level.

 And at lower doses, you develop flu-like symptoms.

“Our bodies have trillions of parasitic organisms inside that feed on us and help us live by doing many useful organic functions, but when these bacteria,

fungi and parasites are subjected to any WIFI microwave radiation, they get damaged and start to reproduce toxins in self-defense.”

2G has five microwave frequencies assigned, 3G has ten, 4G also has ten frequencies with some overlaps, but 5G has 3,000 microwave

frequencies assigned by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). So 5G should really be called 297G, not 5G.

So with the launch of 5G in China, Korea, Italy, Iran and cruises ships,

they have the highest concentrations of 5G use and subsequently the highest concentrations of disease and death in the world due to the novel Virus attack.

Among other data, that the author J.E. Joe Ante explained, “The Chinese locked people up in Wuhan for the Coronavirus pandemic,

These people turned to their new 5G phones and Internet connections, so the city was flooded with many more 5G WIFI radiation and causing more illness and death.

Many people even became instantly sick at street level from oxygen deficiency who previously had no disease.

 Because of this, Asian countries turned off its 5G and left only its 3G and 4G systems to communicate because they became aware that 5G is a strong enhancer of the disease.”

Is this really true?

.Although, the 5G cellular telephone network has already begun to be used in some cities around the world and experts consider that its speed is the great difference with regards to the previous technology.

It also depends on the signals sent by radio waves – which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum – transmitted between an antenna or communications tower and your phone.

According to expert opinions, 5G uses higher frequency waves than previous cell phone networks, allowing more devices to access the Internet all the time and at faster speeds.

These waves travel shorter distances through urban spaces, so 5G networks require more transmission towers than previous technologies and must be positioned closer to the Earth’s surface.

What was said in previous years?

It turns out that in 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported, “no adverse health effects caused by the use of cell phones have been established.” However,

 the WHO together with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified all radiation of radio frequencies (of which mobile signals are part) as “possible carcinogens”.

In this regard, Dr. Frank De Vocht, who advises the British government on cellular telephony, said that “although some studies suggest statistical possibility of increased cancer risk in heavy users, the evidence on a causal relationship is not convincing enough to suggest the need for precautionary action.”

However, there is a group of scientists and doctors who have always been declaring to the European Union, asking that the launch of 5G be stopped.

The deployment of 5G technology in cell phones has caused several protests in cities such as Bern, The Hague, or San Diego, of course, against the implementation of this technology.

For a long time, there have been debates about the possible health dangers that 5G would generate, many assure that there is no risk, the lack of evidence and research so far remains a matter of mistrust.

In 2018, presentations were made in Segovia (Spains) where patients with hypersensitivity syndromes to electromagnetic fields (EMF) participated, and prestigious experts in Bioelectromagnetism such as Magda Havas, Annie Sasco and David Carpenter.

The speakers highlighted that given the high frequencies (53-78 Ghz) of 5G, with greater capacity to penetrate the body, people sensitive to EMF would be more vulnerable.

In this way, Ceferino Maestu, director of the Bioelectromagnetism laboratory in Madrid, expressed, “governments are not controlling what is happening and scientists are very concerned.”

What the United States says about 5G technology.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, with regards to the 5G Law, must consult with the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and other agencies and present to Congress a plan to implement Safe 5G, both inside and outside the country.

5G US-China technology debate.

Former Legislator Mike Rogers, Republican of Michigan, as President of “5G Action Now”, explained that 5G technology has the potential to completely change how we live in our times.

“Not only is it about being able to download movies or music faster, but it will also have a fundamental impact on economic and national security, and on the technological leadership of our country. That is why we cannot afford to lose the race for 5G against China”, states Rogers.

Rogers added that by 2035, full implementation of 5G technology could create 22 million jobs in the globe and generate more than $ 13 billion in global economic performance. “If our government does not fully acknowledge the scope of this opportunity, the Chinese government will certainly realize it.” China allegedly subsidizes Huawei, a private company, and ZTE, a state-controlled company, and helps them weaken international competitors and grab the 5G market.”

With all the pros and cons on the extension of 5G technology around the world, we are left to emphasize that “everything in excess is harmful”, additionally, that as long as there is more research, better, also greater points of view by part of qualified experts on the field.

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  1. Would be nice to mention that DONALD TRUMP signed a bill into law on March 23, 2020 while the world was focused on COVID19 securing the 5G system. Basically, protecting the 5G from harm, not exactly making sure that the 5G was not harmful.

    S.893 is the bill – find it on congress.gov.

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