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Barra Honda National Park and Its Impressive Cave Systems

Barra Honda National Park has a very peculiar attraction that is the great system of caves formed by erosion, which have capricious shapes and figures. Barra Honda consists of 300 meters of reef rock with an elevation...

Visit Costa Rica and Amaze Yourself with Its Endless Beauty

Costa Rica is a spectacular country in every way. Due to its nature, its wildlife, its beaches, its people ... you will not lack fun activities to do in Costa Rica, one of the happiest countries in...

Discover Why Americans Prefer To Vacation In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is undoubtedly a country with great natural attractions that impact and where all who visit fall in love with all the wonders to marvel

Which is The Most Inexpensive Month for Visiting Costa Rica?

If you want to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer and do not have much money, know that November is the ideal to realize that dream without running out of all your savings along the way, also during...

What Do Zarcero in Costa Rica and Edward Scissorhands Have in Common?

The scenic town of “Zarcero” sits on the highlands of San José north of San Ramón in the Cordillera Central.  This town is the capital of the canton of Alfaro Ruiz and one of the many Villas...

The Costa Rican “Mascarada”, A Very Traditional And Popular Festivity

The National Masquerade Day of Costa Rica is the holiday where both children and adults are chased by a giant devil. It is celebrated with the Pisuicas, the Llorona, the Segua and other legendary characters

Traveling to Costa Rica: 6 Awesome Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Not too long ago, Costa Rica came in as the world's happiest country, according to the global Happy Planet Index. This means that based on overall lifestyle satisfaction, the people of Costa Rica are some of...

Explore Cartago and Amaze At All It Has To Offer

Cartago is a town located in the central volcanic axis of Costa Rica, without access to the coasts. Founded by Juan Vázquez de Coronado in 1563, it was the capital of Costa Rica until 1823, during the colony and the beginning of the Republic

Speed Bumps on Bridge over Tárcoles River Will Be Placed Soon

Speed ​​bumps will be placed on the bridge over the Tárcoles River, in Puntarenas, in order to guarantee the safety of tourists who walk on that structure to watch crocodiles gathering at that site.

Costa Rica: It is beautiful and it is colorful but is it safe?

Costa Rica is a safe place. But as it may happen anywhere else in the world, there's a few caveats you should take into account. The country is in many ways, a...
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La Amistad International Park, an Immense Natural Biodiverse Habitat of Unparalleled Natural Beauty

La Amistad International Park is one of the special corners of the world with a peculiar charm...
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Costa Rica Begins Switchover From Analog To Digital TV

Nowadays television is a fact of life for billions of people. Since it was invented `the box' has become an enormous success....

Finance Tips for Animal Lovers – How to Save Money on Pet Expenses

Owning a pet is expensive. Unless your idea of a pet is a goldfish bowl, pet ownership necessitates a lot of extra spending each...

20% of Rich Households Take Half the Income of Costa Rica

20% of rich households take 50.5% of the country's total income. This is revealed by a study conducted by experts from the National University (UNA).

Barra Honda National Park and Its Impressive Cave Systems

Barra Honda National Park has a very peculiar attraction that is the great system of caves formed by erosion, which have capricious...
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