Top Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills

The Passion for Putting Words on Visual Form

While writing is a skill that might seem to come naturally to those that are good at it, we are here to reassure you that this is rarely the case. Whether it is a love for all things wordy, or plenty of practice as they grew up, the writers we know and love today had to improve on their writing skills somehow to get to the level they are – right? So, while you may be looking for an assignment writing service to help you with that paper, or you are desperate to get that stubborn first draft of your novel done, we are here to help you improve those all-important writing skills no matter what your needs.

Writing a letter

Remind Yourself Of The Basics

This might seem like a tedious task, but brushing up on those much-needed basics can do wonders for how your work reads and looks. But what do we mean by basics, exactly? From ensuring that your grammar is spot on, to check your spelling skills, the basics of language and writing are the best foundation you can have for top writing skills. While there are workshops available for those of us that struggle greatly with our spelling and grammar, simply investing in a couple of books and skimming over them from time to time can be just as effective –besides, the information is always there that way!

Imitate Writers That You Admire

Imitating the way that your favorite authors write might seem counterproductive, at least where building your own style is concerned, but trust us when we say it is one of the best things you can do when learning how to write! The next time you come to read a book, or a blog on the internet, look at the writing style –what do you like about it? What would you change if you were going to rewrite the whole thing? By combining the features that you like from other writers, you will build up your own writing style.

Outlines Are A Good Place To Start

Basic writing
Basic writing

If you struggle with following a flow the whole way through your piece, working out an outline before you even begin writing can help the overall piece read far better. It does not have to be complicated. Split your piece into sections, even different headers, and then under each section heading, give a sentence or two about what the paragraph will contain. This outline will provide you with all the scaffolding you will need to form the writing you wish to complete, whether that is an assignment, an article, or something else entirely.


Some of you may have heard the phrase ‘read to write’  – and it could not be truer. By reading other writer’s work, both good and bad, you will start to learn what does and does not work. Remember how we told you to imitate writers that you admire? This is similar to that, only reading, in general, will not only help you with your writing skills, but it will keep your mind open to language, too. The best writers are often the keenest readers, and this includes going out of your comfort zone from time to time. If you only ever read articles and blogs, why not break out a book? Or if you only read YA fiction, why not try something literary? By broadening your reading horizons, you will equally broaden your writing ones!

Accept That Your 1st Draft Will Probably Be Terrible!

Art of writing
Art of writing

Finally, it is important to remember that your 1st draft will, more likely than not, be terrible. In fact, it could even be horrific, and that is okay! Even the best writers go over their drafts number 2, 3… sometimes even 4 or more times, all dependant on what they are writing and how terrible their first draft was. But that is why we have first drafts. If we put out the first thing we wrote every time, there would never been anything good because there would be no opportunity to rework it and ensure that all of our grammar and spelling was intact.

All in all, however, the best way you can improve your writing is to actually write. No one ever got good at writing by not writing, so whether you need to brush up on your grammar, build your own style, or finally reach acceptance that first drafts are usually bad, your writing skills can be improved upon. With a little determination and plenty of passion, you never know where your writing could go!

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