The Wedding Ring With GPS


Technology surprises us more and more and is that even to detect the so-called infidelity new devices are now created.

Wedding rings symbolize respect and union with the other person, however, trust cannot be that great, at least that is what a Brazilian company believes that designed a ring that tells you exactly the location of your partner, that is, the Traditional ring includes a GPS, which will let you know where your husband or wife is at every minute.

Also, you will not only know its location, but you will also have a notification in case the ring is removed because it is connected to an app, and it has a thermal sensor.

A very tempting option for couples who need, due to their lifestyle, the exact location of both and at the same time also a discreet way of being protected.

Its Use Can Be Occasional

It can be used occasionally, that is when the couple considers it necessary to put on alliances to be aware of each other’s movements.

Couples could use their conventional alliances and then be replaced by these tracking alliances to have a camouflaged security device when warranted.

That is why only couples can choose the wedding rings that best suit their lifestyle and determine what will be the most appropriate use in the case of this type of smart jewelry.

This wedding ring is relatively as accessible as traditional ones for middle-class people, and it differs from the rest because it contains something very interesting inside; a GPS that can last up to 5 years from the moment it is activated.

Would You Accept A Ring With GPS From Your Partner?

Sounds strange, sickly, I would say. For the same reason, opinions on this product have been polarized, since it is argued that it can be used by jealous people who need to invade every last personal space that the person – who they supposedly love.

Also, any deviation (a trip to a store to buy a surprise gift for your partner, for example), can be misunderstood and generate an altercation in the couple.

The good thing is that the ring has been stolen, it is possible to recover it due to its GPS, which is convenient because it is an investment of at least $ 350. Prices vary depending on the material chosen for the tracer jewel.

Spying Instrument?

The invention is called Boyfriend Tracker to ensure the safety of the couple, but to some, it seems more a new type of espionage, since the functions include sending the person who performs the follow-up updates at the location of their partner and forward duplicates of text messages from the selected phone.

Critics say that even as advertised, apps like Boyfriend Tracker can violate privacy rights, warning that in the wrong hands they could be used for more sinister purposes, such as stalking.

However, and even though in Brazil it has been a success, Google removed the application from the AppStore as it was considered an element of harassment and data theft for users, its creators are still in negotiations to restore it in the download application because currently, it can be downloaded directly on their page.

There is no doubt that the incorporation of this type of innovation into a couple of relationships can be considered an element that marks little trust, however, its acceptance must at all times be the product of an agreement between the parties, never the imposition of one of them.

SOURCEEdixon Colmenares
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