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    Hello Costa Rica!

    I take great pleasure in introducing myself to your country and to the readers of the Costa Rica News. First of all, please allow me to tell you a little about my life’s work and then introduce you to somebody who is a very extraordinary human being with miraculous healing abilities.

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    I currently reside in New York on Long Island in the USA. I also have owned a parcel of land in Costa Rica for almost 10 years and plan to relocate there and build a new healing center within the next couple of years. I have been a chiropractor and nutritionist since 1982 and currently own a family wholistic healing center with my wife Lois, who is a practicing holistic nurse, R.N., licensed massage therapist, and patient educator. My daughter, Christie, is a practicing acupuncturist and also works along with us.

    Additionally, I have  practiced and taught many forms of martial arts including Tang Soo Do, kung fu, tai chi, chi kung, and meditation. I have personally learned Universal Healing Tao practices from Grand Master Mantak Chia, the creator of the Healing Tao system.

    I  have dedicated much of my life to these practices and I am very excited that I will be sharing my experiences about them with the readers of the Costa Rica News in my forthcoming articles There will be many enlightening articles about nutrition, Chiropractic, The Healing Tao, meditation and stress management, to name a few.

    Earlier I mentioned that I wanted to introduce you to someone extraordinary: her name is Rhonda Lenair, luminary, prophet, renowned medical intuitive, and known as the ‘healer of addictions’ by the tens of thousands of people that have visited her and have effortlessly and quickly outgrown their addictions and many other problems that healed in her presence.

    Rhonda founded the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) almost 3 decades ago.  SHE is a truly miraculous and infinite experience where people are instantly enlightened by the sacred intelligence within them. The objective of the experience is for people to attain the sanctity of inner peace, and the ‘byproduct’ also known as a ‘predictable miracle’ whereby people outgrow the cravings, desire and need to self-sabotage. She is legendary for this ‘phenomenon’ predictably occurring.

    Over the past 40 years on my personal health, wellness and spiritual journey, I have been fortunate to meet many great healers, spiritual and martial arts masters. And then there was Rhonda Lenair! Her profound intuitive healing capabilities know no bounds, as she consistently tells me, even long distance over the phone, what ‘my system’ is saying it needs to be optimally healthy. I can tell you that I know she is correct in her readings because I am sensitive to most of my own needs and she takes me further.  How she knows these truths is where the real magic lies. Rhonda’s abilities go way beyond the physicality of mundane healing, as she is energetically connected to the oneness of our own ‘Self’. She becomes the perfect reflection of you and for some reason, addictions (drinking, smoking, drugs, eating issues and much more) just drop away effortlessly.

    This happened for my wife by just being in Rhonda’s presence when I was experiencing a session. Rhonda immediately gets to the root of the problem yet does not ‘treat’ the problem. The problem simply disappears as a byproduct of what is called the Self(s)

    Healing Experience. Her abilities have helped tens of thousands of people to let go of addictive self-destructive behavior patterns.

    I’m excited to tell you that Rhonda will be offering a retreat in El Valle, Panama, May 14-17 and introducing her powerful Self(s) Healing Experience in the area. You can learn about this upcoming trip here: And you can learn about Rhonda’s work here:

    If you are serious about changing your life in many ways, then this is my first doctor’s order for you: Visit Rhonda Lenair! Rhonda will be coming to Costa Rica at the end of May.

    Dr. Michael Posner

    I can be reached via email: [email protected]

    My website:

    Office Phone: 1.631.351.6111 in the U.S.

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