The Boy “The Great Seducer”

It seems incredible that such a small thing is capable of grabbing the attention of everyone and making adults talk, laugh and gesture like children.

“Babies are a wonderful way to start being people,” wrote Don Herold. The child as a great seducer, for being as they are, ensures the love and attention of those around him.

According to the biologist Desmond Morrys, there are certain physical characteristics of the baby that arouses the desire to protect them: a broad forehead and large eyes, chubby cheeks, a full and round body … Also, its size (small always attracts), its awkward movements and his high-pitched little voice, which radiates tenderness.

The child comes to this world “designed” by nature to seduce, above all, his parents. And it is good that it is so because that ensures their care. Furthermore, seduction is mutual: from the moment the child is born, he or she feels attracted to people and is oriented towards them. Of the sounds he hears, the one that attracts the most attention is the human voice (especially that of his mother, which distinguishes him from any other).

We also identify before all the maternal odor. And from what he sees, what he likes most to look at is human faces.

You will soon see that from the first months your son uses his particular weapons of conquest (sometimes unconsciously and other times, as he grows up, voluntarily): his smile, his gaze, his bibs, his antics … He loves it and you need to want and feel loved and boy do they get it!

They fall in love with their gaze

As soon as it is born, your baby will be more interested in looking at you than in suckling. Lying on your chest, for a long time (even up to an hour) he looks at you in such a direct and intense way that he conquers you immediately. Then he claims his first breast and in the end, he falls into a deep sleep.

Then, in the first days, you discover that penetrating look every time he eats curled up in your arms. It is not a coincidence: the newborn sees better what is about 25 cm from his face. And since the environment remains blurry, it is not distracting and fixes only on the essential: your face (or that of his father, if he is the one who feeds him). To you, those eyes with such large pupils and that way of looking at you move you and between you, an unbreakable bond is created, day by day.

When he already knows how to maintain his gaze, around two months, his first visual dialogue appears; you speak to him, he carefully observes your eyes and your mouth, outlines a smile and a perfect connection arises between the two. Still, without words, he uses his gaze to communicate: with it, he tells you that he needs you and seeks confirmation of your love.

Later, from the age of six months, the little one begins to interpret the emotions of others (first those of his parents and then those of other people) through the expressions on their faces. What he sees influences him a lot, and as time passes he discovers that he can also influence those around him. Thus comes the time, around the age of two, for mischievous or excited looks, or pleading …

The baby unfolds his “Weapons of seduction” because he needs and seeks communication and affection. At first, to dazzle his parents, and later, to attract the attention of anyone.

There is no doubt about the quality of “great seducer” that children have in their early years, and how to fall in love with so much mischief, so much sweetness, and tenderness.

We will learn more about the seductive power of these little ones in an upcoming installment. 

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