The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – According to the latest annual talent shortage survey released by the firm Manpower, 51% of employers have difficulty filling vacancies, compared with 36% overall.

The most difficult jobs to fill are technicians, engineers, sales representatives, sales managers, skilled manual trades, production operators, office support staff, engineers, laborers, accounting and finance staff, supervisors, mechanics, shopping and supply and equipment operators.

The survey was administered to a total of 624 employers in the country who report having greater difficulty filling technical positions, a trend that is unchanged sine last year.

Eric Quesada, Regional Commercial Director of the ManpowerGroup, said the trend is showing a marked need for companies to hire technical professionals and engineers.

“We see how in Costa Rica was a growing shortage of talent by 11% compared to 2013. This reveals that there are important changes in the country to encourage young people to pursue careers interest more akin to the needs of the market, and that this would be the key to beat current unemployment rates, ” concluded Quesada.

Employers in Japan have the highest shortage of talent globally, more than four in five (81 percent) faced difficulty filling vacancies. Elsewhere, the most critical shortage is recorded in Peru, India, Brazil, Turkey and Argentina. At the other end of the scale are employers in Ireland (two percent), Spain (three percent) and the Netherlands (five percent) who report minimal problems due to the shortage of talent.

The ten most difficult professions to cover in 2014:

1. Workers of skilled trades

2. Engineers

3. Technicians

4. Sales Reps

5. Staff for finance and accounting

6. Managers or executives

7. Sales Managers

8. Systems staff

9. Office support staff

10. Drivers


The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica