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How To Save Data When Using Youtube

This digital platform has been designed to host videos that users can watch whenever they want

Find Out About the Latest Novelties WhatsApp Has For Its Users

As we all know, WhatsApp is an application designed for smartphones. It is the leading instant messaging application in the world, with more than 1.5 billion users. It sends and receives messages through...

6 Tricks to Reduce Data Usage on YouTube

This digital platform has been designed to host videos that users can watch whenever they want. Also, through it, you can broadcast your live videos and record them for later sharing.

Is FaceApp Bad For Your Privacy?

An application (also called App) is simply an informational program created to carry out or facilitate a task on a computer device. It should be noted that although all applications are programs, not...

Photomath: The App that Makes Life Easier for Students

Technology always seems to adapt to the needs of students. That is the case of “Photomath”. It is a free app for iOS and Windows, that promises to revolutionize the educational world.

eFlora App: The New Partner for Environmental and Tourism Education

To know precisely the name and other characteristics of the different species of national trees, there is a new digital support tool: the eFlora app. This is the first app developed to identify tropical...

Track Your Happiness: The App Whose Name Says It All

In the changing world in which we live, new experts emerge every day, who engineer tools to get to know our social environment in-depth and even our moods. From this constant search, "Track Your Happiness" is born,...

Siri: Apple’s Virtual Secret Weapon

Nowadays most of the smart digital devices that we find in the market have a voice command virtual assistant. Probably you've heard of “Siri” but still don't know what it is for and what its applications are....

How Can Social Media Platform Provide Foundations for Long-Term Business Growth

Following the rise of the digital era, many of the world’s largest businesses have sought to go online in attempts to expand on their consumer base. Aside from creating a traditional website, the existing possibilities of the online world...

International Gaming Trends that Could Sweep Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and while there are many stunning natural sights to see and places to enjoy, one of the favored ways to kick back and relax is gaming. Be it through a computer, console, or...
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Costa Rica Will Host the First Surf & Outdoor Expo

The Surf & Outdoor Expo will be held for the first time in Latin America and Costa Rica will be the host of this important event
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Government Announces US$ 1.3 Million for Constructing Costa Rica’s First Linear Park

President Carlos Alvarado, announced the inclusion of US$ 1.3 million in the budget of the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (Mivah) 2020 for the construction of a linear park

5 Secret Beaches You Should Visit In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for having spectacular beaches and being a tropical paradise. However, there are secret corners with exceptional beaches...

UCR Scientists Develop New Method for Bladder Cancer Early Detection

The method, first of its kind worldwide, was developed thanks to the use of adaptive genetic algorithms (AGA) and will allow an...

The “Old” Controversy over Oil Exploitation in Costa Rica Is Back on

The proposal “Use of National Energy Resources” -read it correctly: let's exploit oil, export electricity, and weaken the MINAE- that would be...
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