How To Save Data When Using Youtube

This digital platform has been designed to host videos that users can watch whenever they want

Costa Rica Begins Switchover From Analog To Digital TV

Nowadays television is a fact of life for billions of people. Since it was invented `the box' has become an enormous success.

The New OCR Technology Available for Google Photos and Google Lens App’s In All OS and The Web

One of the best things that Google Photos has created is its powerful search tool. It automatically recognizes objects places, pets, events or even people events in the image gallery

Online casinos vs. Physical Casinos – What are the Main Differences?

The choice between an online casino and a local casino is just like the choice between TV and cinema. Both media are – despite obvious differences – highly compatible and complement each other

Ministry of Technology Boosts Technological Development of Costa Rica

El anuncio fue realizado por el ministro del área tecnológica, Luis Adrián Salazar, durante una actividad llamada "Hacia la 4ta revolución industrial", en la que también participó el presidente Carlos Alvarado . El plan se financiará con una contribución no reembolsable del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) por US $ 15 millones

Costa Rica Promotes Its First “Green Technology” Fair

The 1st International Fair of Green Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (FIVERAC) was held at the Costa Rica Convention Center, this exhibition is part of the previous activities that the country is...

Solar Energy in Costa Rica, Its Present Status and the Aim for Future Growth

Everything has a purpose in life, which is why from The Costa Rica News (TCRN), we want on this occasion we want to analyze if solar panels have a profound impact on the world, and in this...

Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Will Be the New ‘ID Cards’ of Costa Ricans

The surveillance camera recorded a criminal while committing his misdeeds in the mall. But it was not just any recording. Without needing to resort to messages in the news requesting help to identify the...

Find Out About the Latest Novelties WhatsApp Has For Its Users

As we all know, WhatsApp is an application designed for smartphones. It is the leading instant messaging application in the world, with more than 1.5 billion users. It sends and receives messages through...

Electric Bus Will Tour UCR Campus Promoting Its Technology

During the closing of this year, an electric bus will provide internal service for students, staff, and visitors at the Rodrigo Facio campus of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) in San Pedro de Montes de Oca.
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Latest News

Costa Rica Is Positioned As a Favorite Tourist Destination in Europe

Costa Rica has been positioning itself in the old continent as an ideal vacation destination through multiple...
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In Costa Rica, the Fun Never Ends For Outdoor Activity Lovers

Exploring all the outdoor activities that can be done in Costa Rica is almost like naming all the natural numbers. This Central American country,...

Costa Rica Will Host the First Surf & Outdoor Expo

The Surf & Outdoor Expo will be held for the first time in Latin America and Costa Rica will be the host of this important event

Government to Invest US$ 1.3 Million on Costa Rica’s First Linear Park

President Carlos Alvarado, announced the inclusion of US$ 1.3 million in the budget of the Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (Mivah) 2020 for the construction of a linear park

5 Secret Beaches You Should Visit In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for having spectacular beaches and being a tropical paradise. However, there are secret corners with exceptional beaches...
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