Sustainable Exports are Key to the Future of Costa Rica

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – International consumers who buy Costa Rican products are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyles.

These days the government is working closely with exporters to keep ahead of these trends and possible developments.

The so called ‘food miles’ argument must honestly be addressed in regarding careful export planning to maximize carbon fuel costs.

It cannot be denied that through hard work Costa Rica is now politically stable, and it strives to have a high standard of living as well as a developed and sustainable social system.

The government is now offering tax exemptions for companies and entrepreneurs willing to invest in the country and help attain a carbon neutral status by 2021.

In recent times, pharmaceuticals, financial outsourcing, software development, and customer service have all been keenly promoted.

Costa Rica is also famous for its gourmet coffee beans. Some of the best coffee is produced in Costa Rica, but with that comes with responsibilities regarding lessons learnt from the past.

The largest coffee growing areas are in the provinces of San Jose, Alajuela, Puntarenas and Cartago. They are fully aware of modern trends and have been willing to change if necessary to accommodate reductions in their carbon footprint.

A lesser known sustainable export is ‘natural paper’ which is 100% recyclable, all 100% acid free, chlorine free, and bio degradable too.

‘Treeless Paper’ is only in its infancy as well, with a prime example of this being banana paper.  The paper is derived from the natural fibers that are a byproduct of exotic tropical agro industrial waste.

Costa Rica is confidant in a good future. Sustainable development will allow investment in our children and grandchildren, and give them the chance of a quality life.  In education our children are taught to become sustainability thinkers for sure.  Sustainable exports are definitely a part of that.

By Dave Marsen


The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica