Surfing: A World and Lifestyle Beyond the Waves

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The lifestyle of surfers is one of the most desired by those who love sun, sea and sand, who come with their boards and yearn to live on the beach with the company and the tranquility of the waves. However, life goes beyond that.

    Surfers, who have made their love for a sport as their work, now they have to train, travel, manage social networks, contacting sponsors and live from it.

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    Most of them have always lived on the coast and that was what sparked that feeling starting as a hobby.

    “When you’re young you dream a lot. I always saw magazines and dreamed of becoming a professional and said I would love to be like them when I grow up, but I knew it was going to be hard. To get where I am now, I had a hard time,” says three-time champion of Costa Rica, Gilbert Brown.

    For the Costa Rican surfer, born in Puerto Viejo, Limón, people often stereotype the type of person they are, only to ask for their daily demand.

    “I grew up in a normal, healthy family, the problem is that people often see you and think you’re a little weird, but no, I am completely normal,” Brown, who is known for wearing his hair in Rasta-style, said .

    With nine years Brown started the world of surfing waves with reconstructed boards, as he did not have money to buy one.

    “I always stayed strong and decided to fight to do what I dreamed , but I struggled a lot. The surfing was my guide, was what kept me away from many bad ways,” Brown said.

    Train and teaching

    Now the Costa Rican, who lives in Jacó, trains from six in the morning, is always aware of weather and wave conditions and also teaches children.

    “I get up early to surf because conditions are better, the sun is just rising and it is optimal to prevent burns. When I finish, I combine my personal activities such as fishing, biking, and am aware of all the things that come with surfing, “he said.

    Brown participates this weekend, along with dozens of surfers in the region, in the fifth day of Latin Tour, held in Playa Hermosa, Puntarenas on the central Pacific coast.

    Playa Hermosa is one of the most prominent zones in the region to surf, because of the quality and consistency of its waves all year round, which has earned it recognition as the “National Stadium of Surf.”

    Discipline and work

    The routine of Brown’s life is not different to the many who are also dedicated to this discipline as the Mexican Angelo Lozano, a native of Puerto Escondido, Pacific, who has to manage his social networks and plans trips to participate in tournaments, among other things.

    “It’s not as simple as it seems. When I am at the port I’m always surfing, but my life is changing because I’m not more than three months at home, as almost always I’m competing,” Lozano said.

    The Mexican started very young in the sport of the waves and his proximity to the sea was what motivated him to pursue it.

    “My mom’s husband is passionate about surfing and always went to see it, what made me fall in love too with this sport. My mom always supported me,” said Lozano.

    Meanwhile, Lisbeth, who has won more than a dozen titles as national champion of Costa Rica, says she has a pretty busy schedule and tries to maintain a balance.

    “I have a very full schedule, I have a 2 year old son, surf every day, but I always have to make a balance between home, my marriage, sponsors and media. I tried to find a balance in my life to perform in an effective way all the commitments,” said Vindas.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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