Sunday, November 17, 2019

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Three Toe Sloth Crossing

Three Toes Sloth crossing the dirt road right in front of us. Most People never even get to see these weird animal due to being high up in the trees.

Cloud Forest

Costa Rica is a world leader in ecotourism. Images and video from Costa Rica's cloud forests

Assignment Earth Osa Peninsula

Successful ecotourism on the Osa peninsula raises new challenges.

Costa Rica – Jakob Dylan

Project Costa Rica - Jakob Dylan "Lay your worries Down at your door Now my loves Like an open shore Throw your suitcase Sweetheart overboard Now tired eyes In..."

Traveling to Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste is located in Tenorio Volcano National Park in northwestern Costa Rica. Rio Celeste makes a great day trip from La Fortuna...

The Blue Morpho Butterfly

By: Elizabeth Mann The Blue Morpho butterfly lives in the tropical rain forests of Latin America from Mexico to Columbia. They are among the largest butterflies in the world. The Blue Morpho's colorful wings serve as a special defense. When...

Sick of Home 1- Lonely Planet

In this episode of 'Sick of Home', Derek and Paul head to Costa Rica where they get to sleep in the trees near Santa Clara, dodge small animals in the road, jump from a helicopter, learn to surf in...

Costa Rica – Without Artificial Ingredients

A great video clip highlighting some of Costa Rica's greatest locations!
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Latest News

Costa Rica Is Always Open For Business towards Innovative and Creative Economic Entrepreneurship

Costa Rica's commitment to economic growth and social development has driven its focus towards diversification, creating strong...
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Top Asia to America Destinations

From the icy north to the sun-drenched beaches, ancient archaeological sites to misty rainforests, the Americas have something to offer any tourist...

Costa Rican Entrepreneurs Visited Scandinavia to Promote Ecotourism

Costa Rican companies toured Scandinavia from November 7th to 11th, 2019, to meet with 141 tourism agents. It began last Thursday in...

Species of Snake Previously Seen Only in Panama Spotted in Costa Rica

A new species of snake was identified in our country in recent weeks. It is the dwarf snake of Barbour (Trimetopon Barburi,...

Coffee: The Ubiquitous Drink That Rules The World

Coffee is, after water, the second most consumed liquid in the world. Coffee is the second best selling commodity after oil. It...
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