Saturday, November 16, 2019

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Shakira concert tickets on sale February 7

Ticket prices for the Shakira concert at the Costa Rica National Stadium will be: ¢62,000, ¢41,000, ¢31,200 and ¢15,600, reported by the event producers this morning at the news conference.

Cleaning Ballena National Park: Vicinos Naccion Group

A volunteer group, the Vicinos Naccion, has created and implemented a beach cleaning and protection education group for the three beaches of Ballena National Park: Playa Uvita, Playa Colonia, and Playa Pinuelas ecosystems.

Bilingual school on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula prepares for its best year yet

The school is a not for profit project, serving Kinder-12th grade, which according to its website has a mission to, “create a bilingual educational setting…where students learn, explore, and grow with respect and attention to the environment, diversity and social aspects that exist around us.”

South Pacific Creates Proactive Safety Solutions With a New Police Station – Uvita, Puntarenas

Uvita police officers have met no cross fire and have been seen as unthreatening while at the same time serving as a protective security measure in regards to the subtext of possible increased danger to the area on account of its rapid growth and progress.

Costa Rica’s Golfito – Where the duty free zone’s price is right

To get the most bang for your buck, join the scores of locals and expats for bargain shopping extravaganzas on name brands in southern Golfito’s highlight destination: the Duty Free Zone.

Singing in the South – Singing Alive Festival in San Isidro

San Isidro commences its 4th year of the successful Singing Alive festival (Cantando la Vida) this weekend, January 14-16, at Finca Amrta (Organic Farm and Health Center) in the central-southern pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Delicious Runway Party – Dec 18

Delicious Runway Party Urban music by DJ Fram Erra and Znatra & Tony Blaze Special exotic dance show by Karolina Brenes Saturday, December 18, 9pm Club 212 Cover: Men: 4000 Colones Women: 3000 Colones Call for reservations: 2265-1078

Festival of Lights brings over a million people into San Jose

Beginning at around 3 in the afternoon on Saturday, December 11th, flocks of family and friends crowded into the streets of San Jose for the city’s annual Festival de La Luz, or Festival of Lights! Every year the event...

The Magic of Manuel Antonio and Quepos

TCRN Regional Correspondent: Katrina Palmer Imagine yourself soaking up the sun on a stunning white sand beach, surrounded by luscious green rainforest that in some spots sneaks out to the edges of the surf. Encompassed by this beauty, the dazzling...

Tradicional Costa Rican Painting Courses In Nosara

“My dream is to begin an art movement” says artist Fernando Matamoros By Deborah Brackman Nosara- During the month of August Fernando Matamoros, a well-known professional artist, will teach a course in Tradicinal Costa Rican painting. The course will be held...
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Costa Rica Is Always Open For Business towards Innovative and Creative Economic Entrepreneurship

Costa Rica's commitment to economic growth and social development has driven its focus towards diversification, creating strong...
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Top Asia to America Destinations

From the icy north to the sun-drenched beaches, ancient archaeological sites to misty rainforests, the Americas have something to offer any tourist...

Costa Rican Entrepreneurs Visited Scandinavia to Promote Ecotourism

Costa Rican companies toured Scandinavia from November 7th to 11th, 2019, to meet with 141 tourism agents. It began last Thursday in...

Species of Snake Previously Seen Only in Panama Spotted in Costa Rica

A new species of snake was identified in our country in recent weeks. It is the dwarf snake of Barbour (Trimetopon Barburi,...

Coffee: The Ubiquitous Drink That Rules The World

Coffee is, after water, the second most consumed liquid in the world. Coffee is the second best selling commodity after oil. It...
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