Science has proven, our bodies are self-healing machines

Science has proven that our bodies are amazing self-healing machines with automatic processes built into it to ensure that it maintains a state of perfect health. Our bodies’ cells naturally regenerate themselves at different speeds, depending upon where they are located in the body. In one year from today, your entire body will contain 100% brand new cells where you will physically not be the same person that you are today!

How can a person create or maintain any illness past one year if every cell in the body will be completely regenerated and brand new? The reason unhealthy cells continue to replicate themselves is because negative emotions from life experiences become chemically trapped in the cell causing it to “remember” itself to be unhealthy. The negative feelings in these cellular memories cause a healthy cell to replicate as “unhealthy” which leads to the perpetuation of an illness or disease.

When a traumatic event occurs, chemicals called peptides flood into your bloodstream and attach themselves to your cell receptors, hindering chemical communication from taking place. As long as the traumatic memory from these chemically blocked cells is not healed, they end up protecting themselves and cutting off healthy necessary communication with other cells in the body. Blocked communication of cells in the body eventually over time leads to the development of physical illness showing up in the body.

“When negative emotion is dissipated, our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and much disease will no longer consume man.” ~ J.J. Dewey

To come to a true place of healing, you must forgive yourself for what happened and let it go. This inner journey process will re-open the receptors creating healthy cell communication. The clearing and reprogramming of these unhealthy cellular memories creates the profound effect of true physical healing all throughout the body. By adventuring into your inner world and exploring the heavy, hard or painful experience inside you, you tap into your natural ability to heal it.

Furthermore, scientists have found that when you express positive healthy emotions (such as love, peace and gentleness) the cell walls respond to these positive emotions and their communication receptors remain open, receptive and healthy.

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” ~Sivananda

Go within and find peace with what is here now. You can find peace with anything. It doesn’t matter how horrible you believe it is, someone on the planet has overcome what you’re going through. The best news is that you can heal yourself in the comfort of your own home. Listen to meditative tracks or perform yoga, whatever it is that makes your body feel good.

Medical tourism brings millions of visitors to Costa Rica each year who are searching for a different approach to health. Our country is one of the top tourist destinations in the world for holistic health retreats, self-care facilities, and holistic healing centers. A broader, holistic approach involves the integration of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Achieving wellness requires balancing these various aspects of the whole person. The holistic approach fits perfectly with Costa Rica’s “pura vida” mantra.

Holistic healing and alternative forms of medicine will be discussed at the upcoming Latin American Medical Cannabis Conference in San Jose July 28-29. Limited space is available at the conference. More information and conference registration is available here.


PROMED: PROMED, the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine will host the Latin America Medical Cannabis Conference in Costa Rican on July 27-29th as part of ExpoMed series. PROMED is a private not-for-profit organization, which coordinates the quality control and international promotion efforts of the medical tourism industry. Its goal is to ensure the quality of services provided by the private health industry in Costa Rica as the country becomes a major center for global medicine and medical tourism.

For more information on holistic health and yoga retreats contact Natashia or email [email protected].

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