The Municipal Emergency Committee of Sarapiquí (CMES) launched a contingency plan to prevent disasters due to rain and floods this year.

According to the Sarapiquí Plan, it is a canton that, due to its geographical location, has influenced both in the North Zone and in the Caribbean Zone. Historically, it has been threatened by hydro-meteorological phenomena that have caused flooding in the most vulnerable areas, needing the attention of the emergencies that have derived from them.

Aerial view of Sarapiquí flooded areas

Some of the most common disasters in Sarapiquí are:

Heavy rains Sobresaturation of soils, increase in river flows, channels, sewers, and channels.

Strong winds – Fall of trees and publicity signs affecting basic services; as well as unroofing of homes and commercial premises.

Flooding Affectation to people and health services, flooding of homes and infrastructure of services, affectation in infrastructure and productive activity.

Landslides – Affectation to people, impact on the infrastructure of services, impact on productive infrastructure, damage to homes.

This plan establishes the guidelines to be followed by the CMES during the months between January and December 2019 for the execution of preparatory actions and response to possible situations that may arise due to the direct or indirect influence of hydro-meteorological events that may occur during 2019.

Organizational actions have been focused on the strengthening of coordination structures at the regional, municipal and communal levels; this to generate and establish communication lines, operational procedures and the availability of resources as actions to prepare for the response to emergency or disaster situations.

Scheduled interventions will be carried out, according to the reported need, for the attention of breakdowns that occur in the different radio base stations located in the Sarapiquí River basin, which collaborate with the monitoring and surveillance of the various threats present in the canton.


The Logistics Area must keep the inventory of supplies updated and define if there is a need to request more from the CNE, in order to have the winery supplied with supplies such as foam and blankets which are immediately required in the emergency care.


This plan must be duly disclosed among all the institutions and organizations that are part of the CMES, as well as in the Community Emergency Committees (CCE). To do this, a copy of it will be sent to each institution and organization via email, and a copy will be delivered to each CCE in physical form. In addition, the plan will be published on the official website of the Municipality of Sarapiquí.