The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – If you pass in front of the Presidential Palace you will see a rainbow flag waving next to the Costa Rica for the first time in this building. This morning, President Luis Guillermo Solis led the ceremony in which the flag was hoisted to support sexual diversity.

The placement of the flag was made by Vice President, Ana Chacon Helana, and Diversity Movement President, Marco Castillo. He said it is a symbol and a sign of new thinking from the government.

Castillo keeps an eye on decisions by the Costa Rican Social Security regarding insurance and same-sex rights as well as the draft laws for gay marriage. He added that they are working on a project to recognize the gender and name of trans people.

The president insisted that they should take action against discrimination, particularly against homophobia. Solis said he is looking for a country of equality, so he asked the country to understand and respect diversity.

Chacón reiterated respect for diversity, a collective which has been important to her during her career. The Vice President said she will continue to work for human rights and support a new bill for securing same-sex couples rights, to be voted on this month.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica