Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd
Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Escapes German Custody
San Jose [TCRN] – The German government in the process of deciding the fate of Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, who was awaiting extradition charges to Costa Rica, reported Watson as having escaped German custody.

Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society faces charges of attempted shipwrecking on the high seas back in 2002 off the Guatemalan coast with shark fin poachers.
A German court was in the process of deciding whether Watson would be extradited to Costa Rica when earlier today the OIJ received a notification from Interpol that Watson’s managed to escape detention.

Facing a jail time up to 15 years in prison, Watson failed attend a trial date on June 26, 2006, since then Costa Rican authorities considered him a fugitive.

Watson was originally was arrested while traveling to Frankfurt to attend environmental conference in France.

The statute of limitation will terminate for Paul Watson in June 2013.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica