Over 75,000 Residents in Tibás, Moravia, Goicoechea Will Not Have Water on Tuesday

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Some 75,300 people will not have water on Tuesday because the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) is performing preventive maintenance on the Guadalupe plant.

    Gate installation works will be carried out to generate overflow between settlers, application of epoxy paint, inspection of distribution channels filters – therefore the plant will be out of operation.

    That is why the water service will be interrupted from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, at many places in Tibás, Moravia, Goicoechea.

    Towns specifically affected: Guadalupe Center, El Alto de Guadalupe, Guadalupe Residential, Trees, Flower, Santa Clara, Purral, Clarabal, Térraba, Tanzi, Lots Las Palomas, Jade Villas, Urb Talamanca, Urb La Nación, Urb.. . Zurquí, Urb. María Lilly, Urb. La Ribera, North Park, Urb. Eagle, Urb. Juan José Alvarado, Urb. Remembranzas, Urb. María José, Urb. Vista Sol, Colleges, Barrio San Martin, Urb . Gonzalez, San Gerardo, Santa Cecilia, Pilar Jimenez, Ballard, Fatima, Santa Rita, Minerva, Urb. Souk, Urb. Montero, St. Hedwig, Urb. Lempira, Urb. Avendaño Jimenez, Neighborhood Heart of Jesus, La Margarita, Tepeyac Esquivel Bonilla, San Antonio, Cypress, El Progreso, Urb. Catholic, Resid. The Catalunia, El Encanto, La Concretera, Urb. Recope North, DC. El Pueblo, Urb. Altiplano and surroundings.

    Moreover, sectors Paso Hondo, Urb Alma Mater, Buenos Aires, Mercedes, Monterrey, El Rodeo, La Paulina, could present involvement depending on the demand of the population, as the system of Guadalupe reinforces these areas, so it is recommended to make a rational use of resources available.

    The AyA recommends that people take appropriate measures and if possible the service will be restored before the start time.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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