The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Within a year, San Jose will have a bus terminal that can accommodate 7,000 passengers per day. This new facility will be located in Lebanon.

The initiative is under development by the Zen Group Company Real Estate Portfolio and will cost about 5 billion colones.

The concept includes 12 platforms, with administrative and commercial food service, financial and telecommunications offices reported Hans Yankelewitz of Zen Group.

There will be of four levels, including a basement. The master plan includes: vehicular parking, parcel center, administrative offices and land buffer for bus drivers, platforms for loading and unloading of buses, ticket offices, waiting rooms, information desk, shops, food court and restrooms.

The purpose of the project is to gather the various company terminals in one place to reduce congestion on major roads in the capital and Paseo Colón.

The companies confirmed so far are: Alfaro, Tralapa, Central Line (Nicaragua), Cóbano, Venezia San Carlos and Jaco.

According to Yankelewitz, the terminal has cleared all the permissions of the Public Transport Council (CTP) and the Municipality of San José.

Companies also must negotiate with the CTP for changing stops.

Construction will begin in a few weeks, according to the representative of Zen Group.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica