Monday, November 18, 2019


Costa Rica will host Latin American Microenterprise Forum in October

The XIV Inter-American Microenterprise Forum (Foromic 2011) will be hosted in San José, Costa Rica from October 10-12, 2011.   The forum, a microfinance and microenterprise development event in Latin America and the Caribbean, is organized by the Multilateral Investment Fund...

Costa Rica and Offshore Investment

Costa Rica’s offshore investment has increased steadily over the past 15 years. The largest areas of growth is still real estate, but new growth sectors in Biofuels and Medical Travel has seen a sharp rise in the past 5 years. Costa...

MEP announces plan for accessible technology in rural areas

The project aims to equip rural students and teachers with computers, connect them to the Internet, and provide training.

Balmy Costa Rica as seen from a Texas BBQ pit

Kat Sunlove,   Here in West Texas where my husband Layne and I are visiting my mother, it was 100 degrees at 8:00 p.m. last night, well beyond a tropical comfort level. The old saying, “You could fry an egg...

Costa Rica Retirement: Legal at Last

After a year of effort and a few thousand dollars, Layne and I have finally accomplished our goal of becoming legal residents here in Costa Rica.

Black Friday deals at all Costa Rican Walmart stores this weekend

Mark your calendars! Big sales can be found at all Walmart stores in Costa Rica starting this Friday.

Walmart says new stores will lead to a strong growth platform

The retail monolith Walmart has announced 24 new store openings in Costa Rica this year. Manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart Centroamérica says the openings will give the company a stronger platform for growth

Costa Rica retirement: Sea kayaking for seniors

Now you might think that paddling a kayak is too strenuous for us retirement age folks, but you’d be wrong. With little exertion, we glided smoothly over the swells with calm morning winds brushing our faces...

Global food prices continue to climb

Many of us have been wondering about it as we shop in our local super markets. Now the World Bank has confirmed our suspicion. Food prices have indeed gone up over the past year.

Escrow in Costa Rica Real Estate Transactions

The United States and Canada utilize the escrow process when it comes to purchasing real estate - but what about Costa Rica?
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Latest News

5 Secret Beaches You Should Visit In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for having spectacular beaches and being a tropical paradise. However, there are...
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Want Innovative and Creative Entrepreneurship? Come to Costa Rica

Costa Rica's commitment to economic growth and social development has driven its focus towards diversification, creating strong sectors in advanced manufacturing. Today,...

Top Asia to America Destinations

From the icy north to the sun-drenched beaches, ancient archaeological sites to misty rainforests, the Americas have something to offer any tourist...

Costa Rican Entrepreneurs Visited Scandinavia to Promote Ecotourism

Costa Rican companies toured Scandinavia from November 7th to 11th, 2019, to meet with 141 tourism agents. It began last Thursday in...

Species of Snake Previously Seen Only in Panama Spotted in Costa Rica

A new species of snake was identified in our country in recent weeks. It is the dwarf snake of Barbour (Trimetopon Barburi,...
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