by TCRN Staff

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) gave the go ahead for the Ministry of Health to carry out AH1N1 checking and monitoring on election day.

Permission was granted by the Registry of the Court, granting authority to the Ministry to incorporate health personnel and surveillance at all the voting centers in the country.

However, the Ministry said that all staff will wear blue and white shirts with a Health logo printed on them and carry badges for identification.

The TSE also warned that the officers appointed for vigilance against AH1N1 must refrain from any kind of propaganda for any political party.

The Minister Maria Luisa Avila, who secured the endorsement of the TSE, reported that next week they will define the methodology of work for election day.

The senior official said that they intend to equip the polling stations with antibacterial gel, towels and disposable single-use masks.