The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – After the mass demonstration of educators on Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) says that the problem will be solved on May 14.

According to the information provided by the MEP, of the 828 lecturers and staff who were out of the payroll in April, 628 of them have been incorporated into the payment system in the first half of May.

While the other 6,000 educators have supposedly already been incorporated into the payment system.

In this sense, the MEP also said that they expect for Thursday to complete the migration of the 200 missing cases.

Other aspects, the ministry has informed, for the payment on May 14, an additional payment of close to ¢3,000 million in other pay differentials between January and March this year.

However, both representatives of the National Association of Educators (ANDE); Union of Workers and Employees of Costa Rican Education (SEC) and the National Association of Secondary School Teachers (APSE), maintain the position to continue the strike called for Friday 9 May and until all affected teachers have their full money in their bank accounts.

Breakdown of wages

During the demonstration, many of the teachers also complained that now they can’t know the breakdown of their salaries, and therefore prevent them to know if they lowered.

Regarding this situation, the MEP said that since December 17 last year, a new system of institutional e-mail was introduced which would be the only mean of official communication, for which guidelines, on how each teacher and staff member should be paid was sent.

However, the MEP said that today many educators have not made ​​the switch to join the official email of MEP, to which all communications, including the withdrawal of wages, is systematically sent.

To solve this problem, the company reported that reasonable time enabled the old query system for teachers to make inquiries, as they did previously.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica