The Costa Rica News (TCRN) –The Marviva Foundation has asked the government to create an interagency commission to address the situation of the shrimp sector, because of the urgent condition of trawl fishermen working in Costa Rica. This committee would work on a plan of action to address the sector and reorganize the market for entry of artisanal shrimp fisheries.

In August last year the Constitutional Court declared shrimp trawling unconstitutional because it undermines the sustainability of fisheries and the democratic element of sustainable development, which is related to the State’s obligation to ensure that access to natural resources benefits the majority of the population.

During the last administration, the government submitted a draft law for the Practice of Sustainable Shrimping in Semi-industrial Fishing in Costa Rica, which is intended to establish shrimp fisheries using trawls.

According to Jorge A. Jimenez, CEO of the Marviva Foundation, this new bill was denounced by various sectors, as well as the detailed the report and inclusive Cimar report generated by the same Technical Services Department of the Legislative Assembly.

The representative explained that Marviva still has time to define and analyze how they want Costa Ricans to use and manage marine resources.

“The creation of an interagency commission should seek to generate scientific and socioeconomic evidence for decision making so that those who depend on these resources not only have a secure job and food, but a model of sustainable marine development for our coastal resources,” Jimenez said.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica