Latin Americans Are Demanding Better Internet Access

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Latin American users increasingly require more efficient and faster mobile devices, and better access to the internet as part of a global trend, affirmed the consumption manager of Intel Latin America, the Colombian Santiago Cardona.

    “The need today is mobility. Consumers want mobile devices easy to use, batteries that lasts, which are thin and light. For these very reasons there was a a big ‘boom’ of the ‘tablets’ that supply some of those needs,” declared Cardona in Costa Rica.

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    The official of Intel makes this week a tour of several Central American countries to expose media, clients and technology companies about new trends in mobile devices and processors.

    Cardona said that the “2 in 1”, which combines the functions of a laptop with a tablet, are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and Latin America is no exception.

    “In Latin America the first computing experience for many users is a ‘tablet’. That has generated the PC or ‘notebook’ will begin to be obsolete, ” he confirmed.

    Cardona mentioned that what is happening is that “the ‘laptop’ and ‘tablet’ are converging, making hybrid devices 2 in 1″as a way to adapt to current needs.

    The gap in technology adoption between developed countries and Latin America has been delimiting in recent years, because internet users can purchase the latest devices at the same time as anywhere in the world.

    “That barrier still exists but the gap has narrowed greatly. There are markets in Latin America and Colombia where the technology arrives at the same time as in the United States, as it is an open economy, it is the same case in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica,” commented Cardona.

    He added that the adoption and optimal use of new technologies is necessary for Latin America to improve its access to the internet, something that users are demanding.

    In this regard, the representative of Intel said that there are countries with advanced digital agenda as Chile and Colombia, and others not cited, in which government regulations and little competition becomes a pitfall.

    “In Latin America there is clearly a greater awareness of the importance of access to good internet speed, mass and at a reasonable cost. This is generating business opportunities and new industries,” he expressed.
    As for Central America, Cardona thinks that is one of the regions in which “there are more opportunities for technology to penetrate.”

    “There are more backward countries but consumers are reaching a level of being connected to their mobile device and this opens opportunities for the gap to reduce,” he said.

    In Central America, Cardona emphasized that Costa Rica is one of the countries that achieved greater penetration of personal computers, so that experience has made Costa Ricans more easily adopted to new technology trends.

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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